How to make Traditional Catalan Cream?

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The origin of the Catalan cream was a product of error where a custard did not curdle enough and to serve it to the host it has caramelized the surface.

Over the years, this Catalan cream recipe has passed from generation to generation.

How to make Traditional Catalan Cream? – Recipes – WebMediums
Very beautiful presentation of the Catalan cream.

Being one of the dishes most enjoyed by the Spanish people, as far as sweet is concerned, because of how fast and easy it is to prepare. There are many ways to prepare the original Catalan cream, due to the versions that have been developed over the years.

The recipe that I bring you aree one of the oldest that has been developed. Do not lose note of the recommendations to create the ideal Catalan cream.


To prepare the traditional Catalan cream for 4 people you have to have:

  • 750 milliliters of whole milk and 6 egg yolks.

  • Likewise, you require 6 tablespoons of sugar and 2 heaped cornstarch.

  • Similarly, you should have cinnamon and lemon peel in addition to 4 tablespoons of sugar for the caramel.

Preparation of the Traditional Catalan Cream

Start by placing the milk in a pot and bring to the fire along with the 4 tablespoons of sugar, cinnamon and lemon. Over medium heat mix the ingredients and stir with a wooden paddle.

As the milk heats up, place the 4 egg yolks, the cornstarch and the 2 tablespoons of sugar in a bowl. Now, stir until all the ingredients are together without lumps.

When the milk is hot, add it to the yolk mixture by the spoonful. When you have added 4 or 5 tablespoons of milk. It is time to bring all that mixture to the pot of milk.

How to make Traditional Catalan Cream? – Recipes – WebMediums
Base ingredient of the preparation.

With the wooden trowel, stir constantly without stopping, and lower the heat of the flame. Wait for it to cook for 5 minutes. When the time is up, raise the flame to all that it gives.

Wait for some heat bubbles to show around the edge without boiling as such. When it has taken the thickness you want, turn off the heat. Now, pass the cream through a strainer and thus eliminate all the lumps.

Divide the mixture into small serving size containers. Wait for it to cool down a bit and put the containers in the fridge for about 1 hour.

At the moment of serving, add the sugar on the surface and cream the sugar. And ready! A delicious Catalan cream to enjoy.


Despite being a simple recipe, it has some important points to achieve the necessary textures and the ideal combination of flavors.


How to make Traditional Catalan Cream? – Recipes – WebMediums
A traditional delicacy

The milk must be complete so that it thickens and of the right texture. You can use cinnamon, lemon or orange zest, cloves, or anise. The combination or choice of essence particles is up to you.

Cream Texture

The Catalan Cream should be thick, but creamy when hot. Thicker would take on a natural custard texture and is not the case in the recipe. Sifting is optional, but as I mentioned it is a softer and finer cream.

The cremated

This can be obtained in three ways. With the latest technique torch. Bringing the containers to the oven at 220 °C until the caramel browns. For this option it is recommended that the containers be made of clay.

And the other is using the iron. This technique is part of the recipe for the original Catalan Cream. It consists of placing the sugar on a griddle when the caramel is ready, it is lifted and placed on the portion.

This should be done at the time of serving, as the mixture tends to be softer than it is.

This traditional Catalan Cream recipe is very easy to make. It does not require many ingredients and only takes a few minutes.

Regarding custards and all kinds of sweets, it is better to prepare the base in advance so that the flavor takes hold.

You can even choose to add just a little sweeter. Keep in mind that sugar creates a little water, so you will surely have to wait a little longer for the water to evaporate.

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