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Sweeteners: How to choose the best?

Sara Manaure
5 min read

Thanks to the high numbers of people who have been reported suffering from diabetes, many people have sought an alternative to consuming sugar.

Most of them have been older people who have been diagnosed with the condition, and they are the ones who have looked for something healthier to sweeten your meals.

Either with more or fewer calories on the market, a wide range of both artificial and natural sweeteners are obtained.

In these articles we will talk a little about both so that you know which of these you can use when cooking.

What is meant by sweetener?

These are substances that give your food and drinks a sweeter taste. Most non-calorie sweeteners are artificial ones.

This has been a good alternative to reduce the effects of common white sugar. It should be noted that polyalcohols are not considered sweeteners in any of their categories.

It can be said that they are molecules that are found in some foods with a higher caloric intake than that of artificial sweeteners but less than that of sugar.

With this concept in mind, it is time to tell you which sweeteners you can get.

Sweeteners: How to choose the best? – Recipes – WebMediums

How to choose the best sweetener for me?

As each person is totally different both in reactions and tastes. You need to test small amounts to see your reaction.

Now, regardless of the type of sweetener, despite being low in calories, it does not mean that they can present other effects with prolonged use.

Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are manufactured in companies with a molecular structure similar to traditional sugar.


This sweetener was registered since 1976 and the calorie content is very low. Its base component is sucrose.

Effects on glucose and insulin have not been recorded. It is one of the safest products for human consumption of these foods.

People who suffer from diabetes and / or who are part of the fitness world choose this product for its good effects.


Its appearance is recorded since 1937 and has 30 to 40 times the possibility of sweetening than commercial sugar.

It is one of the oldest sweeteners and is combined with saccharin when serving. They are good for sweetening drinks or cold foods.

Sweeteners: How to choose the best? – Recipes – WebMediums
Natural Sweeteners


This artificial sweetener created in 1879, is characterized by not having carbohydrates or calories. It is possible to sweeten up to 300 times more than white sugar.

Its elaboration starts from phthalic anhydride and toluene. This is one of the sweeteners that does not lose its composition when subjected to heat and maintains its flavor and sweetness.

Paragraph or E 951

This sweetener has been part of a great controversy. According to studies it has no caloric value and sweetens 150 times more than sugar. Aspartic acid and phenylalanine are its main components.

Acesulfame K

It is a sweetener discovered in 1967 that can sweeten up to 200 times more. It is manufactured from acetic acid and binds with potassium to form the sweetener.

Used to sweeten beverages, it is usually mixed with aspartame to avoid its bitter taste. This is perhaps one of the healthiest for the body.

Sweetener of natural origin

These are among the healthiest sweeteners for the body, since they are products that have the characteristics of sweetening.


This is found in fruits or honey. It has a caloric value similar to conventional sugar. It is the sweetest of the natural sweeteners.


This sweetener comes from the Stevia plant that, when infused, this tea generates a sweet substance.

It does not increase insulin levels and has the ability to sweeten 300 times more than conventional sugar. It does not provide non-carbohydrate calories when consumed.

This is achieved thanks to the production of steviol glycosides, which are responsible for providing its sweet taste.


Although this product is natural, it does not mean that it does not have harmful effects on health if it is consumed a lot. Despite its high sugar content, it provides enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and polyphenols.

In small portions they can benefit health. In addition to having a great flavor, it is used to sweeten drinks and foods, both sweet and cooked.

There is a wide variety of products. You can buy in small quantities to first test your reaction especially to artificial ones.

Sweeteners: How to choose the best? – Recipes – WebMediums
Stevia Plant

How to use natural sweeteners and sweeteners?

Then, according to your tolerance with the flavor, you can incorporate it not only into drinks but also into cooked products such as cakes, pancakes, among others.

If you like it, you can even try natural ones and make combinations, for example, if you must add water that is stevia infusion, take advantage of the sugar in the fruits and add a little honey.

In this way, you will get a very sweet dessert naturally. Now, if you must take care of the calories you consume, despite being natural foods, they are loaded with calories.

So you can, start testing and tell us what have been the results you obtained with the type of sweetener and legido or with the combinations made. Eat a more controlled and balanced diet to prolong your years of life.