BLACKPINK, TWICE, and EXO among the most-viewed debut K-pop videos of all time

Cristian García
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Recently, there has been news, on social networks, some publications referring to the list of K-pop debut videos most viewed during this century. Said list would be based on the numbers of the MVs published on the famous YouTube platform. In this way, BLACKPINK, TWICE, and EXO would be positioning themselves among the top positions of said top, demonstrating their unimaginable success.

BLACKPINK, TWICE, and EXO among the most-viewed debut K-pop videos of all time

As can be seen in this list, K-pop videos are increasingly viewed, generating hundreds of millions of views on YouTube without any problem. This would be a contrast from a few years ago, where very few videos of this genre managed to overcome the barrier of what would be 100 million visits.

List of the most-viewed debut K-pop videos on YouTube throughout the century

The list would be grouping the most viewed K-pop debut videos per year. Thus, highly relevant artists such as BLACKPINK, TWICE, and EXO would be located. Also, there would be a few other idols who would take the honor of ranking in the top with what would be their impressive debut.

For this year, ITZY has managed to acquire a position on said list, where Dalla Dalla would become the debut video of 2019 most viewed YouTube. Therefore, everything seems to announce that this girl band would be achieving great success in the music industry. A clear example is that they have managed to be in the top 3 of the most popular K-pop artists for the month of August.

Top Most Viewed K-pop Debut Videos per Year


JENNIE — SOLO (2018)



TWICE — Like OOH-AHH (2015)


EXO — WOLF (2013)