BTS's Jin Gentle Gesture After Receiving A Gift From His Aunt

Cristian García
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BTS's Jin recently held a live broadcast where he would be making a variety of notifications and relating new anecdotes never told before. In this way, the idol would have indicated an incredible gesture that he made with a gift that his aunt would have given him. Thus, the artist's nobility would be mentioned on all kinds of occasions.

BTS's Jin Gentle Gesture After Receiving A Gift From His Aunt

The idol pointed out that he would have gone to his aunt's house and would have seen his family after spending so much time away from them. Thus, he would have a fairly intimate encounter with all kinds of family members, including those age, as is the case with his siblings. What has stood out the most of all has been the incredible gesture that Jin made with the money obtained by his aunt?

BTS's Jin receives money from his aunt and performs incredible gesture with it

Jin related that he would keep the money saved until he could play Maple Story. In this way, his fans or ARMY have revealed that the idol would have a lot of respect for his aunt and that it would have been an incredible gesture to indicate that he would keep it for quite some time. Therefore, the idol is still considered one of the most caring and loving members of BTS.

The whole story was accompanied by an incredible smile from the artist, which was captured by the cameras. Therefore, the charm of the ARMY would have stood out even more, making the K-pop community see him as someone with the spirit of a child and with great humility despite having a great fortune at his fingertips.

Jin was recently considered one of the most attractive members of K-pop. In addition, he was seen in a variety of photos that would reflect how the idol is having fun on his short vacation. The ARMYs have been attentive to the idol, even though the idol is away from all kinds of public spots.

BTS's Jin Gentle Gesture After Receiving A Gift From His Aunt