Kit Harington will be a villain in a Marvel movie

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Kit Harington, Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, will return to the screens. This time he will make it into a Marvel movie, where he will become an enemy of the public. Kit Harington will play the Black Knight in a Marvel movie called The Eternals, which has a release date of November 6, 2020.

Kit Harington will be a villain in a Marvel movie – Showbiz – WebMediums

It was Kevin Feige himself, who is the president of Marvel, who broke the news to the television media, about a villain who was previously a hero. However, we will be the only one from Games Of Thrones to act, since Richard Madden (Rob Stark) will also participate in this new installment of Marvel.

The movie that was originally to be shot in Atlanta, ended up moving its recording set to London. Little information has been provided about this film that has already had its first delays, although they assure that the date is prudent for its release.

Kit Harington would act after overcoming his alcohol and stress problems, as a result of the Premiere Games recordings. Sources close to the artist assured that all the pressure of the series fell on his character, so he was always restless and on the lookout.

This genre that he had alcohol problems, something that Kit Harington personally confessed. However, the medical recommendations were to stay away from the public media and focus on his family, something that the actor accepted and continues to do until the recordings begin.

The therapy Kit Harington has taken helped him to start talking to fans, to people who admire his work and to feel safe around other people. The actor himself had assured that he was terrified of being in the public, but due to his commitments to Game of Thrones, he had to always appear and be subjected to the stress that this carried.

Now, we just have to wait how he will act as the black knight in The Eternals and future Marvel announcements.