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Guide to buying the most appropriate Apple computer for you

Fermín Díaz
6 min read
Guide to buying the most appropriate Apple computer for you – Technology
Guide to buying a Mac

We are a few months away from the end of the current year 2021, where the pandemic has had profound consequences on the operation and development of many companies around the world.

The Apple company is no exception, since they have had to modify their roadmap to the new circumstances causing the delay of new device launches.

However, despite the setbacks, the company does not stop working and new models are on the way to be presented to the public. Given this expectation, many users are considering what type of computer would be the most recommended for them according to their needs.

Which one suits me better: Apple Silicon or Intel?

New Mac devices come with the M1 chip built in. Its strength is its energy efficiency, it has a range of 20 hours for the MacBook Pro and 17 hours for the MacBook Air.

There is no need to sacrifice power, as both the applications and the system itself are designed for maximum performance, even if it does not have the most powerful technical details on the market.

For those users who surf the Internet, use email, need multimedia devices, office automation, edit photos and videos, through Apple programs, it may not have any drawbacks. But if what you require is more power to perform your job, then in that case, maybe it will be more difficult for you.

Guide to buying the most appropriate Apple computer for you – Technology
Intel or Apple Silicon

If you are not in a hurry and can wait for the new launch of more powerful devices, I recommend that you do so so that you can get what you need more accurately.

But if otherwise, you find yourself very urgent. I recommend a computer with an integrated Intel processor. In case support is a concern for you, don't worry about it, as it is expected to have seven years of updates and its transition will not be very complicated.

When it comes to software compatibility, this is no reason to be anxious because Intel-powered programs do the same with the M1 chip using Rosetta 2 technology, at least until programmers design updated models.

A laptop or a desktop?

Many users ask this question. What is better? Laptop or desktop? Keep in mind that it offers a lot of mobility and autonomy, the desktop is generally more powerful and comes with a larger built-in screen, as it happens with the iMac model.

If you prefer the portable model, remember that you have the option of connecting it to an external monitor for greater comfort whether at home or at the office.

In fact, there are already models that work as a hub and power your computer through a USB-C port.

Guide to buying the most appropriate Apple computer for you – Technology
Desktop vs Laptop

Of course, you should also consider the type of use that you will give the computer. Like the type of work the user has and if there are possibilities of receiving updates in the future.

If the case is that you have to work in a particular office without having to move to another place, perhaps a desktop is the right one for you. Well, you would not have to worry about autonomy, battery or something else that limits its performance.

The budget factor

It is no secret that money is always a heavy factor when it comes to acquiring a new computer, unless you are looking to finance it. If you can make a single payment, you must be aware of how much money you are going to pay and the needs of use in envelopes. We mention it to you because if you have a limited budget, and you also work with HD video editing very frequently and you are looking for a MacBook Air, we tell you that it is not the best alternative for your needs.

These days, you can even find a reasonably priced Mac device, like the Mac mini with the M1 chip. Of course, you would have to add the monitor, keyboard and mouse. Obviously causing the cost of the computer at a much higher price. But with the exception that it was not designed for more demanding jobs that require more power to perform them.

Mac desktop devices

Of the computers of this class, we can talk about the Mac mini, which is known for being a modest device for users who have basic requirements and who only require a computer with which they can carry out their daily tasks without many demands.

The Apple company offers you three pre-configured alternatives. The cheapest that has 8 GB of unified memory 256 GB of internal storage. There is the alternative with Intel, which is more expensive due to its 8th generation 5-core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and 512GB of internal storage.

Guide to buying the most appropriate Apple computer for you – Technology
Mac desktops

If you are not a user with very high demands, the Mac mini is a computer that can help you perform simple tasks, which you can eventually use for more demanding projects, but it should not be so regularly.

It is true that in theory it is the cheapest computer, but always remember that the monitor, mouse and keyboard are not included in the factory. Although for many users this is considered a disadvantage, others see it as a great opportunity to personalize the device by choosing accessories that are to your liking and that are more adapted to your real needs.

Other devices that Apple offers and that you can include when choosing the one you need the most are the iMac, the iMac Pro and the Mac Pro. These, as is known, are computers designed to provide the user with a better experience and with greater demand for power, as is the case with the Mac Pro, which is currently Apple's most powerful computer in the range of desktop devices..

Don't forget about Mac portable devices

In this range of laptops, the Apple company is the world leader. The MacBook Air for example, is a super light computer with surprising technical specifications that do not have much to envy other computers that slightly surpass it.

Guide to buying the most appropriate Apple computer for you – Technology
Mac Laptops

The MacBook Pro 13 and 16 inches are considered high-power computers that provide the user with great autonomy and mobility. Without leaving aside the refrigeration system that is integrated, making possible a much higher performance and meeting high demands. To all this, add that it works with the powerful M1 processor, which increases enormously in more difficult tasks.

In summary, with all the aspects that we have mentioned, you can easily analyze all the options and compare them with your real needs. By doing so, you will be better able to choose the Apple computer that best suits your requirements.

Choose the Mac that you need.