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The 7 Most Shocking Announcements CES 2022 Left Us

Andy Vilchez
6 min read
The 7 Most Shocking Announcements CES 2022 Left Us – Technology – WebMediums
CES 2022 held in Las Vegas, United States.

CES 2022 (Costumer Electronic Show) has ended and a wide variety of technological advances have been announced during these days. During the event in Las Vegas, thousands of people turned out and were pleasantly surprised by all the wonderful advances that were presented.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to talk about all of them in the same article, that is why we have prepared a list with what we consider the best announcements that CES 2022 left us.

The best announcements from CES 2022

1. A tractor that doesn't need a driver

The 7 Most Shocking Announcements CES 2022 Left Us – Technology – WebMediums
The smart John Deere tractor that will revolutionize the field.

Agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere showed a prototype autonomous tractor at CES 2022. This vehicle has the ability to move in the field without the need for a driver.

Without a doubt, autonomous technology can reach all sectors without problems.

The tractor in question can be controlled from a mobile application, which receives all the information about it in real time. It is even capable of collecting data on ground conditions.

The tractor is equipped with a dozen cameras and a fairly advanced artificial intelligence engine. It is even capable of automatically stopping in the event of encountering an obstacle and sending a signal to the owner's mobile.

This technology has come to facilitate tasks in the field, since the farmer will not have to be driving the tractor all day. This means that that extra time can be used to develop other activities.

2. A chameleon car

The 7 Most Shocking Announcements CES 2022 Left Us – Technology – WebMediums
BMW iX M60, the SUV that changes color.

Another of the most impressive presentations at CES 2022 was a chameleon car made by BMW. It is the BMW iX M60 model, which has the ability to change color between white, black and gray.

This is thanks to an intelligent ink technology known as "E Ink", which reacts to electricity and causes it to change color. At the moment this is a prototype and not much information is known about this new vehicle.

This announcement has caused a furor on social networks where Internet users were amazed by this BMW vehicle.

3. Samsung's Freestyle Projector

The 7 Most Shocking Announcements CES 2022 Left Us – Technology – WebMediums
Samsung Freestyle Project.

Samsung has brought its latest development to CES 2022, a projector that is compact, but packed with great features.

This small projector has a Full HD (1080p) resolution and a size of up to 100 inches.

It also has the ability to rotate 180 degrees and is really easy to transport.

Older projectors used to be large and heavy, which made them impractical. However, this $900 mini-projector is here to change everything.

You can stream content from your mobile device in a really simple way. When you are not using it, you can also choose to place it in ambient mode.

It may seem like it is very expensive for a projector, but it is much more, since it has SmarTV functions and even a smart speaker. It's like taking your television with you wherever you go, which is quite an interesting option to consider.

4. A home gym

The 7 Most Shocking Announcements CES 2022 Left Us – Technology – WebMediums
Augmented reality is here to keep you in shape.

Do you want to go to a gym, but do not have time or do not want to leave the house? Do not worry, in this edition of CES the Liteboxer VR was presented in which you can perform your boxing and aerobox sessions. This one is available for the Oculus Quest 2 for just $19 a month.

In this virtual reality game you will be able to access an entire virtual gym at home. It has various workouts designed to improve your physical condition or keep you in shape.

The user will need to hit specific points on the screen at the correct interval. The better you do, the more points you will get, which will be used for an internal ranking. Without a doubt, it is a very interesting option for all those who do not have time to go to the gym.

You can purchase Literboxer VR from the Oculus Quest 2 store starting March 3.

5. TLC smart glasses

The 7 Most Shocking Announcements CES 2022 Left Us – Technology – WebMediums
New augmented reality glasses from TCL.

Another participant at CES 2022 was TCL who brought a great novelty. On this occasion we met the NXTWear Air augmented reality glasses which has some quite interesting things.

These glasses include two micro OLED screens that can display images in Full HD and with a resolution that is equivalent to watching a 140-inch television. It also has stereo speakers close to the ear, so you can listen to it.

The company has not given much more information related to these glasses, although they have assured that they will be available in the first quarter of this 2022.

6. Tablet with flexible screen from ASUS

The 7 Most Shocking Announcements CES 2022 Left Us – Technology – WebMediums
A 17-inch folding tablet with Windows 11.

The new Zenbook 17-Fold is a small computer manufactured by ASUS that has the characteristic of folding. At first glance it looks like a common tablet, however, it has an Intel i7 processor and includes pre-installed Windows 11.

However, the main feature of this tablet is its screen, since it has 17 inches and a resolution of 2.5 K. But it also has the ability to fold in half making it very easy to transport.

But in addition, this tablet will include 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of internal storage. So far the price of it is not known, so we will have to wait for the official presentation to find out.

Although folding screens are nothing new, this ASUS tablet is a great innovation. Laptops are becoming more compact and this is the best proof of this.

7. Smart bird feeders

The 7 Most Shocking Announcements CES 2022 Left Us – Technology – WebMediums
Bird Buddys a gadget for bird lovers.

Another of the presentations that most caught our attention was the Bird Buddys intelligent bird feeder. This feeder uses artificial intelligence that notifies the owner each time a bird lands on the feeder.

This identifies the bird in question automatically and registers it in the application. So far it has around 1,000 different species, and it is in charge of putting together a "collection".

Without a doubt, it is a very interesting application, especially for bird lovers.

Furthermore, the data collected by this device will also be used for scientific purposes. That is, to monitor the migration of birds around the world.