3 delicious preparations of Avocado with Prawns

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It is a rich exotic food, from the coast of Huelva, Spain. Prawns (Crustacean Decapod) rich in minerals and proteins ideal for people who want to lose weight.

Shrimps are one of the most consumed seafood worldwide because their high iodine content helps to accustom the metabolism by preparing a correct exercise of the cells, regulates energy levels.

The combination of Selenium and Vitamin E, it confers an antioxidant power that helps us prevent premature degeneration and diseases such as cancer.

Here are some recipes of Avocado with Prawns:

Avocado with Peeled and Cooked Prawns

3 delicious preparations of Avocado with Prawns – Wellness and Health

Ingredients :

  • 04 Avocados

  • 100 grs of gulas

  • 200 grams of peeled and cooked prawns.

  • 01 Tablespoon of Ketchup

  • 01 Teaspoon of Curry

  • 01 Teaspoon of Whiskey

  • 01 Cup of Mayonnaise


Chop the avocados in half, take out the seed.

We empty and reserve the pulp in a bowl.

Then grind the pulp with a fork and add the previously cooked gulas and prawns and mix all the ingredients.

We make a sauce with the ketchup, mayonnaise add the teaspoon of whiskey and curry mix all very well to obtain a rich sauce for the filling of the avocado.

And finally to put the avocado filling the mix that we have ready in the bowl then we add the sauce, and we will refrigerate for about 30 minutes. Or until the moment of eating.

Avocado with Prawns, Lettuce Leaves and Corn


  • 02 Avocados

  • 200 g of Cooked Prawns (save the broth)

  • 120 grs of Lettuce leaves (to your taste)

  • 01 Small tin of sweet corn in grain.

  • 01 cup of homemade mayonnaise prepared with vinegar or lemon.

  • 01 large spoonful of ketchup

  • Half Tablespoon mustard

  • 01 teaspoon of sugar

  • 01 piece of fresh onion

  • 01 bittersweet gherkin or green olives

  • 01 piece of red paprika

  • 01 egg

  • Salt and pepper.


In a salad bowl place the lettuce leaves, the cooked prawns and the chopped avocado.

Then to make the sauce, place the rest of the ingredients in the blender glass until the mixture is homogeneous and refrigerate until ready to serve.

3 delicious preparations of Avocado with Prawns – Wellness and Health

Avocado with Prawn and Guacamole


• 06 prawn breads.

• 06 peeled prawns.

• 01 avocado.

• ½ of Tomato.

• ¼ Onion.

• 50 grs of fried corn

• 01 Egg.

• 01 tablespoon of lemon juice.

• 01 tablespoon of Olive Oil.

• Salt to taste.


If we have bought dry prawn bread, we must fry it and let it rest.

We chop the avocado in half and with the help of a palette we remove the skin.

In a bowl, grind the whole pulp of the avocado until a creamy mass is obtained, then add the tomato and finely chopped onions, salt, a little olive oil and lemon so that it does not rust.

We mix all the ingredients very cap and reserve in the fridge. Then in the chopper chop the chipped maize until they are powder to be able to overflow the prawns.

We salted them, we passed them through a beaten egg and finally through corn. We fry in plenty of hot oil for a minute then remove and place them to drain on absorbent paper.