4 signs of Alzheimer's disease

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There are obvious signs when identifying Alzheimer's disease. Although science has advanced and this disease is detected earlier than before, there is still no way to identify it in time.

Recently it was found that the disease takes up to 25 years in the patient, before presenting the most severe symptoms that indicate that they have Alzheimer's.

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As we have already said before, this should not supplant the medical control and the routine check-up, it is only information so that they can be prevented and in case of any situation or doubt they have, contact the corresponding medical entity.

Signs of Alzheimer's disease

Sign # 1 Forgetting the place of objects: People who suffer from this disease, in general tend to place objects in places that do not correspond and in turn this leads them to forget where they have placed them.

The moment they want to get it back, they can't remember where they saved it and often accuse others of stealing it.

Sign # 2 Wrong decisions: In general, people with Alzheimer's have difficulty understanding situations in daily life, which leads them to make wrong decisions.

An example for this is usually when they open the door of their houses to anyone who rings the bell.

Sign # 3 Lack of interest: Alzheimer's disease causes the patient to stop being interested in what was previously his hobby. The most common is that they lose their liking for that activity that they used to do with joy and that without it, they did not feel comfortable.

They even tend to put aside outings with friends and any social event.

Sign # 4 Sudden mood swings: Not being able to remember and the continuous loss of memory causes the individual to go through different moods suddenly. It is important that those close to the patient accompany him in this process.

It is our recommendation that, if you recognize that you experience or observe some items detailed above in someone, you should seek a medical consultation or a routine check-up.

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4 signos de la enfermedad de Alzheimer
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