Am I the fattest of them all?

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Although it is difficult but not impossible for someone to ask, am I the fattest of them all? Of course it is because nobody wants to know the answer, at least those who are afraid, yes.

Fear is the cause of many emotional problems.

A while ago talking in a group of people, I heard something similar in relation to the size, of course it was a girl who astonished said she was not the fattest, the rest of people, realizing their fear, started with jokes.

Am I the fattest of them all? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Nobody knows how a "joke" affects

It is necessary to clarify that nobody knows how bad a joke can be, for someone who fears to be what for many is repudiated, take into account that it is not what she thinks, it is what others think, but the person assumes that it is their thinking.

This is originated by the fear of rejection, that ignore it and by this does not mean that it is only exclusive to the girls, because the man also falls into the same bag of emotional misfortunes, the difference is that man does not give much to know.

Think faster and you can choose to put aside or simply resign yourself to something good happening at any time. Girls do not think like that, they have a huge fear of not being able to be part of something.

Usually being the fattest of all is an award that nobody wants, but only those who have no love for themselves, in this case, those who do not know each other or know where they are coming from and worse where they are going.

Am I the fattest of them all? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Why do heavy jokes come?

The heavy jokes are born after someone realizes that something bothers him, so the best in these cases is to find the grace in the taunts, it is not easy, but it is effective because nobody bothers if it does not cause the desired effect.

Remember that not all fat people make jokes, because only victims are those who notice that they are afraid, or that they need something to be something, even if it is only fictional.

Personal anecdote

A long time ago in my school days, there was a boy who concealed that he was gay, but everyone already had suspicions, something that out of fear they gave him away he tried to hide and for that, they made jokes that they felt like. One day talking, he cried because he could not stand anymore, because of this, with my eagerness to help, I told him that it was only until he allowed it, this was that he had to do something to be respected, this boy remained silent and went to his house.

Face the "Jokers"

The next day like every day, they looked for him to start the class party and to my surprise, he got up, took a metal bench and threw it without thinking twice to where all that group of satyrs was.

It was an unfortunate spectacle because the bank impacted on the desired group, which by response received, you are crazy or just a joke! With that never again was a victim of that group or anyone in school, they knew that this boy could respond in any way.

Am I the fattest of them all? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

I know it's not the best way to act, but nobody is going to make jokes if they know it does not bother you, it's simple.

Take the test and you will see that I am not wrong, this is so because if you ask, am I the fattest of them all? And if they say yes! Your answer is how good because nobody wants to compete with me! You laugh and that's the end of it.