How to have nice legs if I'm fat?

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Many girls even ladies ask themselves the question, how to have nice legs if I'm fat? the truth is that it is not easy to recover the legs that were one day, but you can make the attempt since many have achieved it.

Start mentalizing yourself

So that someone can have legs that can show them, on the beach or just walking, wearing a skirt a little above the knees, you must first have the desire and this is to be convinced of what you want.

Having beautiful legs is not a matter of saying "Let them become beautiful already", because it is not about talking but about action, although the words come in but at an advanced level of personal esteem.

Presumably, the most worried are the youngest, because at an age of mother with children and pulling for more, it is not important anymore but it does not mean that he wants to do some exercise to improve his heart.

Having beautiful legs

To start you have to know if the weight gain is due to food, depression or glands that are in a state of strike, so they do not work as they should. In the case that it is for food that goes hand in hand with depression, the problem must be solved.

The problem that is taken care of is the one that usually has the person in a state of anxiety, which causes the desire to be eating. Of course, this does not work for everyone, since I have a brother who eats until he gets tired and does not get fat.

This means that the person is predisposed to gain weight, therefore what triggers the desire to eat is depression. For this, es that you must first solve what is worrying or pending but that makes her suffer.

Do not trust that pretending to be strong and not giving importance to problems, means that it is okay, if it is, thenWhy do you eat too much? This has nothing to do with hunger, his mind is what makes him eat because he does not know how to stimulate it.

This means that having no value information (knowledge) gives what you have at hand (eat). Now there are cases where with exercises you can fool the mind, in this way lose weight and thus be able to recover their beautiful legs.

Now if you want to start at once to want to lower the thickness of your legs, you must be sure that your legs are very thick in relation to your height. Assuming that is the case, I do not recommend that you go to a gym, because your weight is not going to give you.

Start from home

For this reason, to begin with you must do it at home and this is that if there are several floors where you live, what you should do is climb stairs that is best to reduce the thickness of legs.

Do not try to do it all at once. This is a matter of a couple of months, you must climb the stairs every day taking care that they are not too high, why? Because if they are high, the path of the muscles will be more pronounced and with greater force, this can cause pain if they are not used.

Perseverance and effort

Over time and if the strength in your legs increased, you should do it with some weight. This type of exercise is not going to see in the gyms, it is not profitable for them that you go down quickly. This is so good that even the chaps or excess fat in the hips, is removed from the roots.

This is proven and I learned by chance that for a prank, the water pipe is damaged, nowHow to get water to the third floor while my aunt is alone? She owns a world record in having the fattest hips in the region.

From one moment to the next, he was left with nothing and the good that, due to a need, ended with a good that he did not even notice if we did not make the observation. It must be clarified that this is not done because, because it must be healthy at least from the heart itself.

This is necessary because when climbing stairs everything works twice as often, therefore your heart too.

Now you have the option to do it like babies, step by step which is safer but takes longer. If you ask yourself, how can I have pretty legs if I'm fat? It is no longer a problem.


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