Am I abnormal because I'm fat?

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The great dilemma of many girls, including some young people who are in their teens, feel that the world falls on them because they are at the crossroads, because of the question, am I abnormal because I'm fat? The truth is that the answer given is according to what they learned about life.

How to find normality in your way of being

This is that as much as they want to find the best of themselves, they will only get what they know about themselves, that is, if they were very children, nobody taught them that it is better, what they have inside their own personal image,or it is about what they wear, but how they see themselves.

Am I abnormal because I'm fat? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

This becomes a real problem because they learned, that your environment and those who live there are the owners of you and that is why they are the ones who qualify, label and even present you to others.

This is ridiculous because the only person who knows who you are is the one who thinks and looks in front of the mirror, that is, yourself.

Being fat is an option and has nothing to do with being abnormal, so if you feel good about yourself, that's normal, but if it would be abnormal if you are waiting, that the people of your environment accept you. You do not need them to look at you well if you do it first towards yourself.

All up to you

Normality occurs at the moment things are as they should be, this means that everything that does not fit in the way of seeing others is because there is abnormality, why? because every person who has problems with himself, reflects on what they hate.

Now, your fat girl who has the whole attribute for you, who has much to offer even what you reflect for others, is so good that those who, if they have internal problems of abnormality, do not know how to overshadow that force that you radiate.

That is why they should always do what they can to make you feel bad, but that is not the decision of those people, that is only your decision. It depends on you whether your life is excellent or miserable. No one is in the position to say what you should feel and worse to do.

Why am I fat?

The reasons for you having the thick frame, or what you call fat, can be one or a hundred, but that is not the important thing, what matters is what you are going to do from now on that you already know what is happening around you.

Am I abnormal because I'm fat? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Being fat has many advantages. The main advantage is that they are loving girls, from there they start a few as, spontaneous, cheerful, very intelligent, hardworking, they know how to have fun without thinking about what others think, this because they do not suffer because of their figure because they know who they are, all this without leaving aside the humility that makes them special.

If you are not fat and you have the figure of "Barby" you are the most unfortunate because you will always be surrounded, of equal people and each one with the fear of or by nightmare to raise a few pounds of weight, the worst is not being able to eat a ham sandwich, Noodles to the marinera, Christmas rice, in total die of hunger without you noticing.

The odds of over living for a full girl, chubby or thick is 100% to a skinny, this because it decays at speed instead you do not. In conclusion ask the question, Am I abnormal because I am fat? It has no place in this life, instead the correct question would be, What should I do to be happy? Smile that comes first.