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Are you a compulsive shopper?

Mindless shopping

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As we already know, there are different and special people in the world, some with certain life problems and others with serious mental problems. And neither type of people is good or bad.

For each problem a situation is found, and if you clicked on this article it is because you suspect that someone from your close circle may be capable of having this condition, or yourself.

A personality disorder is one of the personality behaviors that brings more suffering, since the person who has it, does not realize that he has a problem, until he has created a lot of damage to his friends or family.

We understand that in every mental or behavioral illness, the greatest possible help is needed. That is why we must place ourselves in their shoes or open our minds, to be honest with ourselves on this subject.

For this reason, we have made a specialized article to find out if the symptoms of oniomania are met and what to do in those cases.

Are you a compulsive shopper? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
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What is TOC?

A lot of people consider themselves perfectionists, but is being a perfectionist having OCD? Not even close is similar.

OCD is an acronym for a disease (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), where the person suffers repetitive exhausting thinking that something bad will happen if he does not perform a certain action.

These types of disorders are accompanied by compulsions, which are rituals or repetitive movements such as nervous tics, which they use in order to drain a little of what has been making their head dizzy.

For example: A person can see up to 30 times the stove in the kitchen before leaving. Or turn off the sink faucet 19 times to ensure 100% that nothing bad will happen.

Are you a compulsive shopper? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Compulsive shopping

A shopaholic

For consumerism, a compulsive shopper is in the first place of the food chain, since his amount of money contributed is even greater than he has.

His addiction has almost nothing to do with materialism, since he will always feel guilty after shopping, but that will not stop him from doing it again.

They are people blinded by the relief that buying gives them, often resulting in being compulsive hoarders. Since they are usually a bit selfish with what they buy.

With new things, bad things go away for a short period of time. But it is useless because the subject can steal, cheat or owe a huge amount of money just to go buy things that turn his head a little.

I mean, compulsion shopping will only bring you more trouble. This with respect to the anxiety that these people normally suffer, can end very badly. Because they cannot be controlled, even if they have tried in the past.

Are you a compulsive shopper? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Internal origin of the disorder

Generators of the disease

In these we can observe through several studies carried out by professionals, which may be due to various causes, depending on the childhood and adolescence of the person in question –because between 18 and 30 years is when symptoms begin to be seen–:

1. Not having had limits in childhood: this is one of the most popular cases. A boy or girl who was satisfied in all their desires in just the instant of asking. It creates an individual mostly with the need to take over everything, because it is used to that.

2. Having had financial problems while growing up. And they reach adulthood without the ability to handle money, causing financial loss.

3. Having serious problems of anxiety or low self-esteem, this generates a certain dependence to try to look good physically. But if the attitude continues after buying clothes, makeup or surgeries. You will only get more vacuum.

4. Not being able to cope with daily problems, that makes you look for something repetitive in which to put all your attention.

Are you a compulsive shopper? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Empty that only disappears when you buy

Symptoms of compulsive shopping disorder

1. Not being able to save, even though you have already tried multiple times.

2. You do not want the total of your expenses to be discovered by anyone, no matter how close. You are sad that they know how much you can spend on things you neither need nor use.

3. When you do not buy you feel empty, and in depression.

4. Need to buy at any time, even if it is the worst of times.

5. When you are not shopping, you are thinking about what to buy. Many times he cannot even enjoy what he bought, because he is absorbed in the next action. He is constantly anticipating.

6. You feel excited just thinking about where, or when you plan to buy. Its biggest standout feature is that you never want to miss out on any bargaining opportunity. When it is not possible to obtain the offer, he becomes very angry, and when if possible, he is the happiest person for the moment.

7. After the undoubted euphoria that is supplied by the purchase, he comes home with a terrifying remorse of not knowing what to do. Repeating constantly that he will quit. Because he is ashamed to have done such a thing.

Are you a compulsive shopper? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Extreme anxiety

What to do if most of these symptoms are met?

The best thing to do is go to a psychotherapist or a psychologist. It is the people who specialize in these issues who cause the engaged woman great shame, and she does not want it to be made public.

Also, to obtain an exact diagnosis, and your doubts are answered.

Pharmacological help is an option, but it is essential that you discuss it with your psychologist or psychotherapist.

You can go to support groups, such as Debtors Anonymous, where you will have more people with this problem to help you.