Bladder cancer

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The bladder is where the urine is accumulated, this is in the lower part of the abdomen. The cancer is caused by the internal membrane of the bladder. East type of cancer it is one of the most common in the United States.

It affects more than 50,000 adults per year, its main risk factor is tobacco and it is mostly diagnosed when it is beginning to cure. This type of cancer develops more in men than in women.

What is bladder cancer?

In a malignant tumor that develops in the urinary bladder. These cells begin to develop rapidly without any control and often tend to spread to other parts of the body. The bladder is an organ that serves to accumulate urine, has flexible muscle walls. Most cancers begin in the lining of the bladder.

There are different types of bladder cancer this urothelial carcinoma this occurs in cells that cover the bladder, squamous cell carcinoma is chronic irritation of the bladder and adenocarcinoma are those that start in the cells that make up the secretory glands.

Symptoms of bladder cancer

One of the symptoms that appear are:

  • Pelvic pain.

  • Blood in the urine.

  • Discomfort when urinating.

  • Back pain.

  • You want to urinate frequently.

When you bleed in the urine its color tends to be red or sometimes the urine is normal and microscopically it is where the blood is seen. Many times these symptoms occur and it is not because of having bladder cancer, that is why it is recommended to visit the doctor for a checkup.

Treatments for bladder cancer

Depending on how the cancer is found, it can be treated with surgeries, chemotherapy, intravesical therapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy.

By surgery is the most used for most cancers, this surgery depends on the stage and severity of it.

Chemotherapy This is administered in two ways intravesical chemotherapy, this is administered directly to the bladder or systemic chemotherapy that is given orally or through the vein.

Intravesical therapy a liquid medication is administered directly to the bladder by a catheter, this often affects the cells that line the bladder.

Radiation therapy X-rays or high-tech are used to eliminate malignant cells.

Immunotherapy helps the immune system of the person suffering from this disease, sometimes it helps to destroy cancer cells.

Its causes and prevention of bladder cancer

The causes are:

  • The consumption of cigarettes and tobacco.

  • That there was radiation exposure in the past.

  • Chronic irritation in the bark of the bladder.

  • Parasitic infections

  • Display of chemical substances.

  • Advanced age.

  • Chronic inflammation of the bladder.

  • Family background.

  • Many people who suffer from it do not have certain risk factors.

There are no safe ways to prevent cancer but risks such as do not smoke, stay away from chemicals and eat healthy and incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet as they contain antioxidants and help you reduce cancer.


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