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It is a disease or pathology well known throughout the world by many people; it is an inflammatory disease that involves the bronchi. It presents with abundant mucus.

Types of Bronchitis

There are two cases of acute and chronic bronchitis, however, the most frequent is acute, which results in respiratory infections or common colds. This discomfort usually lasts for a short time and does not reach two weeks.

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On the other hand chronic bronchitis; it is almost always the product of the smoke accumulated in the bronchi by those people who smoke cigarettes or tobacco for a prolonged and continuous time. It is considered a serious disease because the bronchi they become irritated and inflamed, causing discomfort.

When the person consistently manifests the common cold problems may be a case of chronic bronchitis. And you should immediately consult a specialist to prevent more risks because this disease severely affects the lungs.

Causes that intervene in its appearance

Almost always, most cases of acute bronchitis are caused by viruses generated by colds or flu. However, the cause of chronic bronchitis as already mentioned above is associated with smoking cigarettes in excess, or be next to people who do.

You can not leave behind the polluting agents scattered in the air, and the ergonomic conditions of the environment that you have at home or at work. (Air conditioning powders, fans, irritants, among others.) Workplace.

How do you get bronchitis?

Some other factors that intervene in contracting the disease more quickly are:

• Gastric reflux problems. When people constantly live with burning in the stomach it causes an itching in the throat that turns into irritation and this makes the risk of bronchitis more likely.

• Little or Low resistance. this disease can also be derived from some other pathology that has been presented previously as a type of disorder where the immune system of the person has been compromised.

• Exposure in the workplace to irritating substances or agents. when you are near substances that may cause irritation in the lungs such as; chemical substances, or fabrics with lint.

It should be noted that the most prone to episodes and bronchitis are the smallest of the house, that is to say; children. But in the same way adults suffer in general.

Bronchitis – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Bronchitis usually manifests through symptoms such as

Thick mucus of green or yellowish color, excessive cough, fatigue, fever and chills, some discomfort at the throat and chest, much difficulty in breathing normally, and in some cases excessive fatigue.

Unlike acute bronchitis, the condition is less prolonged, the chronic is more complicated and lasting and is characterized by excessive coughing.

In any case, the most advisable to any disease is to visit a specialist to know a more accurate diagnosis.

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