Do extreme changes help?

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They made me a comment recently about a treatment, which is supposedly guaranteed by experts and specialists.

This is known as a life change without realizing, that instead of changing life, what is changed is health.

Do extreme changes help? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Is it worth such a drastic change?

For me and many people that I have consulted, these life changes are extreme and for this reason it is worth the question, do extreme changes help? I think that if it were from a sport, it could be of some benefit.

Unfortunately this is not the case, it is about the body of someone who, not accepting himself as he is, suffers from death and when you have this opportunity, do not think twice. He undergoes a change of figure so he can be happy.

There is no doubt that many girls suffer from their overweight and that is why they are capable of doing anything without fearing for their health. This becomes a practice that is passed from one to another, under the pretext that the end justifies the means.

This would not be bad if the media justified the true purpose but it does not turn out that way. I have researched and there are cases of treatments to lose weight, guaranteeing that you will be happy because being overweight will be history.

Unfortunately and what became news is that they actually lose weight, but what they do not say is that it is too much. this is that from a weight of 117.9 Kg it happened to 47.6 and with a stature of 1.60 mt. i really have that stature and my weight is 60 Kg.

Starving is not an option

I really feel very good but for the people who know me, I am dying of hunger, there is no day that they tell me to grab something because the wind can take me, now it is noteworthy that weigh 117.9 kg if it is a true weight.

Do extreme changes help? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

At least the weight loss is 59.62% of your body mass and according to the BMI it is at 17.5 and what it should be is, of 18.5 which means that it is far below what it should be. check the table of weight and height and you will find out.

At least according to my calculations, they should have a minimum of 58 to 60 kg, or worse, down, but it is 47.6, which is too thin. This becomes a risk not to go down but to go from one side to the other but in extreme.

With these measures it can be said that she is almost anorexic, even if they have a happy face, their body will not respond as it should, it is weak and at the first moment when it wants to make some effort, it will fall.

Health is more important

Of course, those who have done this work are very safe, since the person who enters this process accepts that there is risk, and since nothing is free, if he manages to spend he earns a large amount of money, but is it worth it at the cost? Of the health? Take into account that this girl stays at that weight because there are professionals behind her, but how long will they do it? Presumably not all the time they will watch because it costs and she does not pay.

Extreme changes affect our health

To live like that watched all the time and not be able to eat my noodles, pork meat and many things that I like to eat, nonsense, now if they assure me that I will stay even if not so thin, I can eat what I want and when , you are welcome. Now if it is not like that, leave me alone.

With this, do the extreme changes help? for nothing and better smile that helps you to see life in a happy way, because if you accept, you have changed to be better and that nobody denies you.

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