What is Vigorexia?

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Who has not enjoyed seeing sculptural bodies and well-defined, with muscles that appear where one has never noticed. They devote themselves with such devotion to their bodies that they have created a new name for these people, which is vigorexia, what is Vigorexia?

What is Vigorexia? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Abuse of exercises for Vigorexia

Vigorexia is a path for many men and women who, when feeling emotionally unstable, seek to compensate this problem with muscles to look physically stronger, although his self-esteem is not. But well, this is my definition of their situation.

The definition by means of specialists is similar if not that, they say that the Vigorexia is taken to an obsessive end to be strong and full of muscles, this is pathological, but it really is not, because if it is treated in time the self-esteem of this being, none of this becomes traumatizing.

Self-esteem is the beginning of everything

An individual feeling morally rejected and this is for the same, lives thinking about what people around him will think about him or her, this is how everything starts.

Once your personality is not formed it is impossible for him to do what he wants, by the fact that he cares more about what people say about his appearance.

What is Vigorexia? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

In his environment, the surrounding people are usually the ones who apply mockery and gestures towards the individual who feels little, for not getting what others have, it can be what they commonly see in appearance. This is usually that they observe as is the tone of another man's voice.

Even his physical muscles and how he performs daily, better if he is an aggressive being with his physique. For these reasons the low self-esteem seeks at all costs to get muscles and improve their figure for him to feel good, it is not bad to have musculature.

The exercises are not bad, the obsession if

What is not recommended is to do it with obsession and without measure, since exercise is of vital help to the body and to the mental health of each being. These people who are obsessed with quickly forming an "Enviable" figure, they isolate themselves and invest all their time in exercises.

This to compensate, the taking of anabolics and steroids arises, so that your muscles develop quickly.

In this way they lose social contact with their environment. Here I only see a problem of being worthless due to the fact that I do not have musculature, but not socializing is not harmful.

It's even good, because if you do not share time with people who do not bring you benefits, why spend it without a goal? But if instead he did exercises and used his isolation to learn other things, it would be very good.

Thus, time is well-used and not only in extreme exercises, for this reason it is that the individual must stabilize so that he / she decides in a better way his / her life. This, although it does not look like it but it's also a personal disorganization, since his life places it in a point that is a mental image that always has it.

What is original is that it looks strong and vigorous, but when there is a lack of personal security the image is disrupted by its imbalance. This is how any emotional problem works, as is the principle for these "sub-diseases" anorexia.

For this comes the orexia ending, because they empathize with the same mental process, that the individual has to deform his personal image.

Why do I look weak, having muscles?

This part is difficult for some to understand that when they see themselves in a mirror they feel that they are still helpless and that they must continue increasing their routines to form more muscles.

What is an externalized emotion? Why? Because your problem is not your body.

Also because the image of a weak man or woman, is found as an image in your mind and that is intensified whenever you feel threatened or have a problem.

This is how the mind works in the human being, since usually, people tend to see everything from a negative point and this is what they do.

For this reason his instability and low self-esteem along with his inner sensitivity, cause him such an obsession to be strong.

What is Vigorexia? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

It's that simple, but this has a solution if the person decides to learn to love such and such, leaving aside what he thinks are defects.

This can be changed from your mental interior and in some cases with your own will. If you have the will you can change that image that you feel is weak, that is to your liking, but for that to be well insured in your mind, you need knowledge, that's why it reads.

If you are a person who finds it hard to come out of their own taboos, a personal change will help you to leave complexes, which may have been caused in your childhood and that is why, even if you exercise, you feel helpless. Now, if you love doing exercises very well and you know how to improve it.

If they ask you or someone has this Adonis complex, what is Vigorexia? It is an inferiority complex that can be changed from the mental interior of any person.

It is difficult for someone to accept something similar, since he believes he is right.

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¿Qué es la Vigorexia?
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