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Do you have a wound? These foods can help you cycle faster

Grecia De Flores
4 min read

The recovery process after surgery is very important for our proper recovery. It is vital to maintain a good diet, this helps our body to heal faster and feel better in the process.

In addition, some of the foods that we will present here help reduce those marks that remain later.

As always, hydration is a vital part of a good recovery and a healthy diet. So we will also include foods rich in water that can help us with this process.

Do you have a wound? These foods can help you cycle faster – Wellness and Health
Supplements to improve healing

The essentials for good healing:

Balanced diet

The healthier we keep, our body will recover faster and in better shape.

If we do not take care of what we consume, it is possible that our wounds take much longer to heal.

The vitamins

They work as great allies in the search for good healing, it is important that we include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that contain them.

Foods rich in vitamin C are especially important, since they contain antioxidant properties that strengthen our body and prevent diseases of the nervous system, in addition to leaving us a rejuvenating effect.

It is recommended for burns and wounds in general. We must include foods with vitamin K, since it helps circulation and prevent bleeding that can arise as a result of blows.

Vitamin B1 and other complexes have been linked as a potentiating factor in the healing process.

Since it helps to regenerate cells and tissues, enhancing their growth process and therefore the healing process.


It is an ally to fight infections and increase the regeneration capacity of wounds, so it will be essential if we want a healthy recovery after surgery.

Recommended supplements to improve healing

  • Proteins: In especially, we include low-fat meats, eggs, gelatin, fish and dairy products due to their increase in the generation of tissue.

  • Foods rich in omega 3: As are sardines, tuna, salmon and chia seeds, which reduce inflammation.

  • Vitamin C: Orange, pineapple, strawberry, broccoli and kiwi are rich in vitamin C, which, as mentioned above, helps to promote skin firmness and the generation of collagen.

  • Vitamin K: Among the foods that it contains we find broccoli, spinach and asparagus that facilitate blood clotting and prevent bleeding.

  • Iron: We recommend liver, egg, lentils, chickpeas, and peas.

  • Vitamin E: Among which are sunflower seeds, hazelnuts and peanuts.

Carrot, mango, tomato, soy, eggplant and barley are also important.

What foods should you avoid?

Just as we find foods that benefit healing, there are also those that hinder the process.

We must avoid at all costs, foods that have the peculiarity of being high in fat, sugar or being over-processed, which can increase the probability that the body becomes inflamed.

They also interfere with circulation and make it difficult for nutrients to be properly absorbed into the tissue.

We mention some:

  • Powdered sugar, honey, and molasses

  • Soda, chocolate, pasteurized juices, cookies, and ice cream

  • Yogurts processed with sugar, chocolate milk and jams with sugar

  • Meats that contain high fat content such as pork, cold cuts or bacon.

  • Loa oils, butter, margarine and frying in general.

Other important recommendations

We recommend consuming blended soups that contain vegetables in those first days of recovery after your surgery. And then gradually increase the density of the food you eat.

It is preferable that at the beginning they are as light as possible and remember to consume natural shakes without sugar. A balanced and varied diet is the key to a better recovery.

Let us remember all bodies are different, do not compare yourself with the process of others, each body has its time and the important thing is that we take care of it and adapt this information to our objectives and needs.

Also keep in mind that the opinion of a professional is vital for a healthy recovery. Talk to your doctor and tell him about all your doubts, follow his recommendations and if he forbids you any food it is for your good, do not ignore his recommendations.