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6 tips for you to have a healthy life

Maria Fernanda
7 min read

People are constantly looking for advice to have a healthy life, but what they do not know is that with small adjustments in their daily routine they can obtain wonderful results.

In the first place, a healthy life is built day by day, for this reason, you must have discipline and want to make those changes, otherwise, sooner or later you will give up healthy habits.

Keep in mind that each of these tips will help you reduce or eliminate the risk of suffering from diseases such as cardiovascular and metabolic pathologies.

Healthy nutrition

Did you know that your body works with what you give it through diet? So if your diet is deficient, your body will be too.

A balanced diet is one of the pillars for you to lead a healthy life. The experts' recommendation is that your diet be 80% natural and the remaining 20% industrial food.

This means that most of your meals in the day include a portion of protein, good quality lipids and carbohydrates with high nutritional value. You can then add processed foods to the menu.

6 tips for you to have a healthy life – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Healthy nutrition

With a healthy diet you can reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes mellitus.

On the other hand, if it is within your means, you can go to a nutritionist to teach you the keys so that you can identify which foods are good for your body.

As far as possible, do not follow generic diets from the internet, these actions what they do is harm your body and its metabolism. In summary, other tips for you to have healthy eating habits are.

· Prepare food at home, avoid eating every day at food stalls.

· When necessary, supplement the diet with vitamins and minerals.

· Drink enough water during the day.

· Make market purchases with awareness, prioritize vegetables and greens over sweets and desserts.

· Decrease the use of oil for cooking food.

Finally, it is not about excluding any group of macronutrients, but rather that you can consume foods that provide benefits to your body.

Daily exercise

In addition to the above, physical activity is excellent so that your body can stay away from sedentary lifestyle. The idea is that you can do a sports activity that you are passionate about, go for a walk or ride a bicycle.

What's more, you can incorporate 30 or 60 minutes of activity into your day. As for the intensity, it depends exclusively on the resistance of your body.

In this sense, if you are just starting to exercise, do not do strenuous activities. Start with a pace you can tolerate and increase the intensity with each training session.

Now, if you work all day, what you can do is not spend more than 1 hour in the same position, but if you are at home try not to spend all day on the computer or furniture. So the benefits of regular exercise are.

· You lose excess weight.

· Improves insulin sensitivity, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes mellitus.

· You prevent other diseases such as osteoarthritis, metabolic syndrome, depression, heart attacks, among others.

· Helps you fall asleep during your rest hours.

· You can foster friendly relations with your training group.

Annual doctor visits

It is unusual for people to go to the doctor for check-ups, rather they do it when there is the presence of a chronic disease and, in general, the treatment can no longer be preventive.

However, the responsibility does not fall only on the patient, since the cultural context drastically influences. From this it follows that visits to the doctor in the absence of illness are not instilled in society.

6 tips for you to have a healthy life – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Medical control

The important thing about making regular visits to the doctor is because different screenings for pathologies can be performed according to age and sex. If you want to maintain a healthy life, you must go to the doctor at least twice a year.

On the other hand, if you suffer from a chronic disease, follow-up with your family doctor is a vital piece to prevent the disease from continuing to advance.

Take care of your mental health

Mental and emotional health, too, are part of a healthy lifestyle. Emotional well-being will help you make better decisions and maintain a correct attitude towards problems.

Remember that the thoughts that you nest in your mind can become a reality, since they condition you to take actions in their favor.

So that you can avoid this you have many tools that you can turn to. In the first instance, if you are a person who believes in a faith, the most common thing is that you can take refuge and strengthen yourself in it.

Another method to reduce emotional fatigue and stress is to attend therapy or do a relaxing activity such as yoga or meditation.

In relation to the relationships that make life in your environment, the ideal is that you can take care of those relationships, the friendship bonds are of great help when you are going through a desert in your life. Some tips regarding this section are.

· Talk regularly about any topic with your children, family and friends.

· Learn to deal with stress.

· Seek professional help if you feel like you are not making progress.

· Practice kindness, respect and tolerance with your fellow men.

Avoid bad habits

Healthy habits have to predominate over the not so good ones and, not only refers to giving up alcohol or cigarettes. Therefore, if you have inadequate personal hygiene, this counts as a bad habit.

Alcohol, cigarettes and any other activity similar to this only takes years off your life. Did you know that smoking is one of the most frequent risk factors for serious diseases?

6 tips for you to have a healthy life – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Bad habits

Besides, alcohol in excess can condition significant acute pathological pictures. Consequently, in order for you to enjoy a full and healthy life, you need to be able to put vices aside.

As additional information, you can make a list of all those habits that do not add anything positive to the healthy lifestyle that you want to have from now on. Subsequently, progressively eliminate these patterns of behavior.

Rest regularly

Finally, rest is essential, when you sleep your body enters a state of recovery, the body's systems modify their functioning so that you can have a conciliatory sleep.

The average time stipulated so that you can have energy the next day is 8 hours of sleep a day.

In addition, this sleep has to be of quality, this means from what minutes before sleeping you have to disconnect from all activity.

On the other hand, if you sleep poorly, your cognitive system is negatively affected. Likewise, the benefits of sleep to carry a healthy visa are the following.

· Establish a schedule to sleep, so you get used to your body to a routine and it will be easier to sleep.

· Take care that the sleeping environment is the right one, that it is a place with little light and quiet. In this way, the sleep will be restful.

· You improve your ability to memorize concepts.