Do you think what are you taking care of your hair in a good way?

Best tips that will only enter simple habits

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Do you think what are you taking care of your hair in a good way?
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There are several myths that have gone from generation to generation, where the murmur wanders without so much permissive logic, which produces unconsciously that we believe us that for take care of our hair takes many good quality products. And when you listen to good quality listen: expensive.

In general, you talk about things that Hydrate hair in all its extension and give you brightness and vitality. The truth is that each person can take careYour Hair just leaving some bad customs and allowing you instead, others much better.

Education about Beauty is very versatile, and more today, that with social networks anyone can transmit massively to everyone. Creating much more information about the subject.

But on the Internet it is not good, and you have to be careful with tips that lie without a concrete purpose and that could be worth more the remedy than the disease. Therefore, in this article we will not test home remedies, but ways in which you could help your hair according to the customs you take or have. We will tell you the simplest habits of welcoming daily, so that your manedoes not show broken; With open tips, with friz and other problems that overwhelm us from time to time.

Do you think what are you taking care of your hair in a good way?
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1. Food

Placing this Recommendation First, it is somewhat insistent, since it is demonstrated, which is the most difficult recommendation to consolidate on a person's daily habits.Good food also has its different perspectives. In that sense, we must at some point ask an nutritional professional if our regular diet is being enough for our body.

Because, maybe, our diet is in the parameters of what experts consider, but What if our body needs even more?, Or less?. Not all organisms work in the same way, most do not condemn the vitamins and minerals in good way.

A bad or good Food will always influence the organism, each part of our body needs vitamins and minerals that strengthens it, is the same with our hair.I am advisable in feeding so that our hair is healthy is: eating low in salt and in sugars, based mostly on a high diet in fruits, vegetables, germinated, especially broccoli, the Onion and alfalfa are good edible to strengthen hair.

Do you think what are you taking care of your hair in a good way?

2. Improve the hair washing routine

It does not seem to be something relevant to take into account, but a good way to wash your hair, will generate more vitality on it. In that sense, the ideal is that after finding a shampoo that feels good for you, for your application, massage the scalp with care, between 2 to 3 minutes, and then take out the foam With abundant water. And try not to be residues of the previous product, this is really important.

Since leaving waste products that are not to stay, produces weakening of scalp, itching or dandruff. Therefore, it is much easier to remove the shampoo well so that then the roots of our hair do not bother us at all.

Do you think what are you taking care of your hair in a good way?

3. Hydrate well the hair

This is a dispute issue, where we see many Beauty secrets or home remedy for Hydrate Our Hair, either chemically or natural. Whatever the applied, any girl has done it at least once in her life. But you are from people who do not like, or simply forget to moisturize her hair. The solution is even easier, performing it together with washing.

The hair cuticles, is that outer layer that goes from the root to the tips. These naturally need to be sealed, so that they do not rise and remain elevated to finally open at the end with a whitish color, which is very noticeable and takes a lot of brightness to your mane. The recommended thing is that after washing the hair, apply a cuticle sealerfrom the medium to the tips.

Many establish that you should let it act for about 30 minutes, but you are an impatient person, leave it at least 6 minutes, then wash with plenty of water.

4. Tips before sleep

Before going to bed, you need a ritual in which our face and hair are in the best way before sleeping. We consider that by brushing yourself and washing your face well, you must continue with your hair, especially if you have it long. The best thing you can do is at least dedicate it 3 minutes, even if you're tired.

If you comb, and then you make a loose braid, believe me that you will prevent you from breaking and dawn with a lot of knots. The result is not perfect if you are one of those people who move a lot to sleep, but it is a better solution to try it and is very entangled.

Do you think what are you taking care of your hair in a good way?

5. Wet hair Caution!

It is not very well seen according to professionals, the unravel your hair while being soaked with water, although we consider that in that way it is easier, especially for the curly hair girls, that if they do not comb it at that precise moment they sponge dramatically when it is dry, so we will find a midpoint.

Before Wash the hair, Pein it, remove all the knots carefully, and if you see you need help, it's better than we get it. When leaving the shower, with peel cream passes the brush in those rebel areas carefully to mistreat the hair, without strong milestones. It is necessary to know that all the unconscious damage you are generating when you are in wet state, will be seen when it is dry in an almost extreme way.