Learn to get up early with these infallible tricks

Dilis Salazar
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Successful people in Madrugan, I know one of them.

Sleeping should be considered as one of the pleasures of life, however not everyone works the same. There are those who sleep, but do not rest and there are those who want to get up early, but do not get it.

Today I want to show you those Infalible tricks that will help you get up earlier, and with a lot of energy.

Learn to get up early with these infallible tricks – Wellness and Health
Learn to get up early

10 tricks to get up early

1.- Set a fixed time to go to bed

A form of get up early is to set schedules at bedtime. I suggest you program about two hours before, then you used.

An hour daily will allow you to be ordered in your routine and self-lightening you to rest.

The most normal is Resting about 6 to 8 hours per day; But for this it is important to establish a fixed time of rest. If you are one of those who usually lie down after 12, do not expect to get up early.

2.- Generate comfortable environment in the room

A tidy room, clean and with a good aroma, will help you rest in a more pleasant way. Even, getting up will be much more pleasant.

Learn to get up early with these infallible tricks – Wellness and Health
Order your room for rest

Today, the humidifiers and essential oils are very fashionable, which is part of the aromatherapy to rest, you can also use them.

3.- Take a break in the afternoons

If you have a very extensive day, you need to learn to take certain breaks in the afternoons. If you can do a nap of 30 or 40 minutes.

If you are one of those who can not sleep a little in the afternoon, then take a while to leave the workload aside and look for a space where you can relax your mind and your body.

4.- Avoid caffeine after 6 in the afternoon

Not everyone happens to them, but it is true that caffeine can alter your dream, especially if it consumes after 6:00 p.m.

In this case, before sleep I advise you to drink a glass of water, or have a tea for rest.

5.- Take care of your dinner well

If you want to get up early, it is important that you be careful with feeding. The best thing is that you take small servings of food, or what is better dine with fruits or cereals.

Avoid meat, or heavy food; These not only make your dream difficult, but they can also affect your health.

6.- Plan your day one night before

Another interesting key is to leave all your scheduled day one night before.

Organize the bag you will take, the food farming, the clothes that you are going to place, even that everything is close to start the day in order.

If you do not plan your previous day, you will fill you with anxiety, and you will not be able to have a good and deserved rest.

7.- Avoid stress cycles at night

If you have arrived home, and you are at rest time, try to prevent stress from going to you. It is moment of Disconnect from technology, Enjoy the family and attenuate the lights to rest in an appetizing way.

8.- Take a good breakfast

This is another key to get up early and with a lot of energy. Breakfast is indispensable for our body and to face the routine of the day.

Caffeine can take it about two or three hours after getting up, to let cortisol generate naturally. Cortisol is the hormone that allows us to activate, but if we add caffeine to the body we can overexcit.

I recommend a balanced breakfast, fruits, eggs, or some very energetic drink.

9.- Follow with routine including weekends

On weekends are not an excuse to get up late. If you really want to be constant, it is important that you start from now.

Even if you have a party that you passed after dawn, then it is important that you are aware of get up early. Only then can you keep the routine fixed.

10.- Do not take the cell phone to bed

One of the worst enemies of your privacy and your rest can be your cell phone. I advise you to program the alarm from another device and thus leave the cell phone in another space.

If you are a person addicted to networks, or work, and that is why the mobile has become indispensable, then it is time to be aware that at your time of rest, it is not a good companion.

The 5 benefits of getting up early

There are many benefits in the upcoming, and I want to show you some to give more importance to "when it comes to getting up"

Take advantage of your energy hours

Keep in mind that when you get up early, you can take advantage of your energy.

Before 12 noon, you can do the activities with much more disposal; Well, they are the first hours of the day and your body has an incredible energy. But starting at 18 hours, the energy level tends to decline.

You have a better planning of your day

If you are one of those who work at 8 am, and you get up at 7 am; A short time you will have to organize all your routine.

Instead, if you are one of those who get up at 5:00 a.m., but you go to work at 8:00 AM, you will have an average of two hours, to organize all your routine.

Whoever gets up late, then it is exposed that some things are not given as expected.

You can take a time for meditation

If you around you, we live a society that advances quickly, where there is little time to think, meditate or reflect on our lives.

Whether you practice a religion or not, getting up early will allow you to interact with the universe, thanks for your life, and reflect on those things you should change or improve.

Helps you fight the depression

EMARGAR is health, that there is no doubt. And it is a habit that we must acquire for our own well-being.

People suffering from depression, usually also suffer from insomnia. In this case, when you lift early you can reverse your habits, and reconcile the dream much earlier.

Be always present that sleep improves the quality of life.

5. will allow you to create a habit

The best thing about getting up early, is that this activity will help you find a willpower. It is a habit that should be activated, and it serves us to carry a day with more focus and concentration.

The best songs to get up early

If you are looking for get up early and with energy; There are certain songs or instrumentals that can help you generate this effect, according to certain experts.

Learn to get up early with these infallible tricks – Wellness and Health
Place a good alarm

These are some topics recommended by psychologists:

  1. “Vive la vida” de Codplay

  2. “Lovely Day” de Bill Withers

  3. “Wake Me Up” de Avicii

  4. “Money On My Mind” Sam Smith

  5. “Reflections” MisterWives

  6. “Rather Be” de Clean Bandit

According to experts, this music can cause a motivating effect on people's life. Positive letters and rhythm, can generate between 100 and 130 pushes per minute.