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Everything you need to know about the practice of yoga

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Everything you need to know about the practice of yoga – Wellness and Health

Yoga is a practice that despite being millenary, today remains very current, its origin dates back about 5000 years ago, basically something that perhaps for you is just a way of exercising, it contains an incredible philosophy of life.

Yoga exercises, as well as the types of this practice are very diverse, that is why we want to offer you a guide on all the information you need to know about yoga, if you are thinking of entering this practice.

What is Yoga?

It is a discipline originated in India, in which it makes use of a series of postures, hand in hand with meditation and a series of breathing exercises, that is, yoga encompasses the work of the mind and the body, simultaneously.

Although today many people see yoga as a kind of variant of gymnastics practice, it can go further, it was developed as a spiritual practice, and its goals are more alive than ever.

What is the origin of yoga?

Despite the fact that those who have studied this millenary practice have had trouble finding its specific origin, according to some experts, yoga dates from 10,000 to 5,000 years BC.

However, the history of yoga was mostly transmitted orally, so it is possible that certain specific data have been lost.

It will be through the writings of the Vedic civilization that the first indications of this practice will be obtained, which describes it as a kind of meditation accompanied by postures while reciting something similar to an incantation.

What types of yoga are there?

Everything you need to know about the practice of yoga – Wellness and Health

Currently, there are various variants of yoga, some are more modern than others, but each has specific exercises, as well as objectives, we invite you to know each of these.

Hatha yoga

This is the most frequent variant of yoga in the West, it is based on working the body to achieve greater flexibility, while helping practitioners to effectively manage stress.

Iyengar Yoga

Its name is due to its inventor, BKS Iyengar, it is one of the most recent, the objective of this variant of yoga is to give novice people, beginners, an approach to the practice.

Kundalini Yoga

This focuses on achieving the harmonization of the body's energy centers, like all practices, it is developed through a series of postures, hand in hand with both meditation and breathing exercises. This seeks to achieve that your body and mind are in complete balance.

Prenatal yoga

This type of yoga is aimed at women in a state of pregnancy, this variant helps them to face their pregnancy in the best way, and obtain good practices to face childbirth.

Prenatal yoga helps the pregnant woman to maintain her elasticity, relax, and achieve a greater connection with her baby.

Other variants of yoga are; Vinyasa Yoga, where a series of freer movements are performed, Raja Yoga, which groups all the variants, Yoga Nidra, this is not subject to repetition of movements, but focuses more on relaxation, on achieving a state that is closely resembles the dream.

What benefits does Yoga offer?

Yoga helps people improve their physical and mental state, but, not only does it focus on this, it also offers a series of benefits such as:

  • Helps reduce heart rate and blood pressure.

  • Improve your coordination and concentration.

  • Reduce stress levels.

  • Allow your body to relax.

  • Stimulates digestion.

  • Reduce conditions such as depression, back pain, and episodes of anxiety.

Basic yoga movements

One of the things that most worries people are not being flexible enough to practice yoga, but don't worry, because it is precisely with this practice that you will improve your flexibility.

For beginners, the most important posture is the sun salutation, in fact this is the one used to warm up.

There are a number of other poses that you can become familiar with, such as the tree pose, downward facing dog, the cobra, chaturanga, among others.

Who can practice yoga?

This practice is perfect for everyone, from children at home, to older adults who can enjoy the benefits of yoga, age, weight, sex, none of this matters when it comes to yoga.

You just have to be willing and willing to begin to dabble in this practice.

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Todo lo que debes conocer sobre la práctica del yoga
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