Exercises to increase muscle mass

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The muscles are organs that constitute the inner part of the human being, capable of producing movements.

While the muscle mass is the amount of body tissue that forms this muscle which is constituted by the myocytes, whose properties are those of raising or reducing their length through electrical impulses coming from the nervous system.

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For example, if a person wants to raise his mass he must also increase in body fat in conjunction with muscle. But, you should eliminate cardiovascular activities such as jogging and cycling from your routines.

As well as start a diet where rations are in small quantities, but several times a day, that is, you will have to eat more and focus only on exercises that work the muscles. Among the favorable activities, we find:

The Exercises to increase muscle mass

The most important thing to increase muscle mass is the perseverance you have when performing the exercises, being constant will leave excellent results.

But, before all this, you must opt ​​for specific routines to achieve an increase in muscle mass, and avoid others that will not be favorable.

1. Train to raise the muscle: you can start to increase your muscle mass with simple exercises of strength, in this type of routine, the weight lifting is favorable, it is recommended to do it with a weight that is progressively increasing.

You can use the oars, chest presses, squat with weight, among others, this type of routines will allow you to stimulate muscle lift, while you gain energy and you stay active.

2. High intensity routines: apart from perseverance, high intensity exercises are necessary to increase and develop muscles. Training routines can be done for a maximum of 45 minutes, four days a week.

Remember that each of these sessions must be intense so that the muscle becomes habituated and takes shape. It is important to note that, although you do long and not strong exercises, they will not cause the muscles to tire and develop again.

3. Lift weight quickly: when lifting the weights, do it intensely, but when you go down, do it slowly.

It is important to know that there are three types of muscles: the cardiac muscle (part of the heart), the smooth muscle (it is in the viscera) and the third, which will allow us to perform the movements and exercise a posture, the skeletal muscle.

The latter will increase its mass, as a response to the stimulation that is executed on it, thus achieving greater strength, volume and resistance. This muscle lift is known as muscle hypertrophy, which develops through workouts.

4. Do the routine properly: how to Increase Muscle Mass? If you are a beginner try to do the exercise in the best way, but if you have difficulties to do it, then get behind a trainer and follow his instructions. If, on the other hand, you have taken time, keep up with the rhythm of training and the repetitions established.

5. Varies the muscles: The trainings on how to increase muscle mass must be alternated, you should never work the same muscle every day, this, apart from causing ailments, will not be favorable for its development.

Comply with routines of at least one intense hour for each muscle. For example, if you train three times a week, the first day you can work triceps, biceps and chest, the second day works legs, and the third day you can do chest again.

6 Change routine and weight: do not pond in a single exercise or in a single weight, it varies. Apart from encouraging and motivating, changing the exercise routine and adding more weight in each workout will make you progress much faster.

7. Rest: another way to gain muscle is resting, since it needs to grow without burning calories. That is why rest between workouts is essential.

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Ejercicios para aumentar masa muscular
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