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Foods rich in Zinc that cannot be missing from your diet

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Foods rich in Zinc that cannot be missing from your diet – Wellness and Health
Foods high in zinc

Your body requires a wide variety of minerals to keep it healthy, and one of the most essential is zinc.

Thanks to this mineral, your tissues can regenerate, and it also offers you the energy you need to face your day-to-day in the best way.

Zinc is important for your body, that's why we want you to know some foods high in zinc that you need to include in your daily diet.

What is the function of zinc in your body?

This mineral is throughout your body and its main function is to allow your immune system to function in the best way.

Thanks to this, your body can heal, the growth and division of cells is possible, it helps prevent diseases caused by viruses and bacteria, such as the common cold, among many other benefits.

20 foods high in Zinc

According to experts, it is necessary to consume about 15 mg of zinc a day to ensure that you are not deficient in it, but do not exceed the recommended doses either.

There are many foods that contain zinc and that you should include in your balanced diet, we leave you a list of 20 of these.

Foods rich in Zinc that cannot be missing from your diet – Wellness and Health

1. Clams: In 100 grams of clams you can find about 7 milligrams of zinc, this is one of the foods richest in this mineral.

2. Hazelnuts: If you consume 100 grams of hazelnuts you will provide your body with 2.2 mg of zinc. These nuts, in addition to being nutritious, are also delicious.

3. Liver: In beef liver you will also find a significant amount of zinc, in 100 grams of these, there are approximately 7 mg of zinc.

4. Crabs: These in addition to containing calcium, phosphorus, iron, when you consume 100 grams of crab, you provide your body with 5.5 mg of zinc.

5. Beef: This is something that not everyone knows, lean beef has a significant amount of zinc, in fact of all meats, this is the one that contributes the most, in total there are 6.2 mg per 100 grams.

6. Lamb: Regarding meats with zinc, when you consume 100 grams of lamb, you get 4 mg of this mineral, that is why it is part of this list of 20 foods rich in zinc.

7. Dark chocolate: Everyone enjoys chocolate and if it contributes minerals such as zinc to the body, you will surely enjoy it even more, every 100 grams of dark chocolate has 3 mg of zinc.

8. Chickpeas: This legume is very rich, and with it, you can prepare various dishes, and it also contains zinc, for every 100 grams you will find 3.43 mg of zinc.

9. Brown rice: Although you will only receive 2 mg of zinc for every 100 grams of brown rice, this food also provides you with vitamins A, B1, B2, and more.

10. Dried oregano: Surely you have used it frequently to prepare certain dishes, sauces, in every 100 grams of this there are 4.4 mg of zinc.

11. Turkey: This is one of the healthiest meats, and in 100 grams there are 4.5 mg of zinc.

12. Pistachios: They are very nutritious, there are at least 2.2 mg of zinc in every 100 grams, you should also include them in your daily diet.

13. Octopus: In addition to the best quality protein, when you eat 100 grams of octopus, you get 1.68 grams of zinc.

14. Peanuts: You will surely love them, they are delicious and healthy, 100 grams of these have 4.8 mg of zinc.

15. Snails: Speaking of high zinc content, in 100 grams of snails you will find 4.4 mg.

16. Oat flakes: oats help you reduce cholesterol, and also for every 100 grams you consume 3.5 mg of zinc.

17. Prawns: This seafood is delicious, in 100 grams of prawns, there are 3.6 mg of zinc.

18. Peas: These have 3.3 mg at home 100 grams, include them in your daily dishes.

19. Eggs: These are surely not lacking in your breakfast, in about 100 grams you can find 4.9 mg of zinc.

20. Butter: To complete the list we inform you that in 100 grams of butter, there are 3 mg of zinc.

What are the benefits of zinc for women

Zinc offers benefits to both men and women, but in this case we will focus on why it is so important for them to consume foods rich in zinc.

Something that few women know is that zinc helps to improve fertility, studies show that zinc allows the body to prepare for a healthy pregnancy, since it allows the eggs to develop in the best way.

Another benefit of zinc in women is that, according to experts, women with zinc deficiency may be at greater risk of having a high-risk pregnancy, or the development of the fetus may be slower.

Foods rich in Zinc that cannot be missing from your diet – Wellness and Health

What are the benefits of zinc for the skin

Your hair, nails and skin benefit from zinc, we will leave you some benefits of this mineral on the skin.

  • Thanks to zinc, your body can heal faster, and heal wounds.

  • Zinc stimulates the relief and anti-inflammation process that acne can generate.

  • Protect and cure diaper rash on your baby.

Finally, another of the benefits of zinc on the skin is that it helps protect it from UV rays.

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Alimentos ricos en Zinc que no pueden faltar en tu dieta
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