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Foods that celiacs can consume

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Foods that celiacs can consume – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

The disease known as celiac disease, is the total intolerance to the ingestion of foods that contain gluten, being able to present injuries in any organ or tissue.

It is generally a disease of genetic predisposition, affecting the lifestyle of any person, who must learn to live with said disease.

There are several foods that a celiac can consume, without exposing themselves to the consequences of consuming gluten, generally they are natural foods without major chemical processes.

Foods that celiacs can consume

Here we present a considerable amount of food that celiacs can consume with complete peace of mind, as they are gluten-free.

The fruits

Foods that celiacs can consume – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Fruits, being completely natural, are gluten-free, so any celiac can consume this type of food with total freedom, without exposing himself to the effects of his disease.

Fruits are excellent foods rich in vitamins, which provide many of the essential nutrients for a celiac to lead a normal life, without worries.


Foods that celiacs can consume – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Meat essential food

Meat is an essential food for human day-to-day life and is an excellent source of protein and, as it does not have gluten, it can be consumed by celiacs.

A celiac can eat meat as long as it is fresh meat, without artificial processes, or additives that alter its natural state as a gluten-free food.

Natural drinks

Foods that celiacs can consume – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Natural drinks

Any drink of natural origin a celiac can consume it, as long as said drink does not have chemical processes, they will not affect people with said disease in any way.

Be it a hot or cold drink, and that does not contain any additives, a person with celiac disease can consume it, take into account that no packaged drink is recommended for celiacs.

If you are celiac, you can enjoy the following drinks:

  • Coffee, as long as it is not instant.

  • Infusions, as long as they are totally natural.

  • Natural juices, none that is packaged.

  • Some carbonated drinks.

  • Milk.

Fresh fish and seafood

Foods that celiacs can consume – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

This type of food is a way of providing nutritional value for the day-to-day life of a celiac, they are gluten-free foods that a celiac will be able to consume without inconvenience.

Although you must make sure that this type of food is fresh, since if it has been subjected to preservatives and long periods of freezing they are not recommended in any way.

Vegetables and greens

Fresh vegetables are essential for a celiac to lead a normal rhythm of life, with all the nutrients that these foods can contribute to their body.

Although of course, no type of vegetables or canned vegetables is recommended for these people, so make sure that when consuming these foods, they are totally fresh and natural.

The vegetables that a celiac can consume are:

  • Carrot.

  • Broad beans.

  • Potatoes.

  • Pumpkin.

  • Radish.

  • Broccoli.

  • Green peas.

  • Beetroot.

Animal derivatives

Although there is the belief that most cheeses can affect a celiac, the truth is that they can consume this type of food, as long as they are fresh and without additives.

Likewise, eggs are sources of protein that celiacs can consume, taking advantage of every benefit, if you are celiac, you can rest easy when eating animal derivatives.

If you are celiac, you can lead a totally normal rhythm of life, you should only avoid all kinds of foods, with chemical processes and preservatives, to maintain a normal rhythm of life.

Can I eat gluten-free foods if I have celiac disease?

This will depend on the frequency with which you do it, because it has been proven that the isolated consumption of foods with gluten, when you are celiac, will not generate major symptoms, some experience abdominal pain, and even vomit.

But we repeat it, if you consume them in isolation, when it is done frequently, you can present serious symptoms.

That is why we recommend that you better maintain your diet, to avoid complications.

How can I tell if the food I am going to eat has gluten?

When it comes to packaged products, they have a label that specifies whether they contain gluten or not, so when you buy any food, you should check the label of it. And do not trust if it is a product that you consume on a regular basis, but many times manufacturers make modifications to the ingredients, so pay attention to this.

It goes without saying that celiacs can lead a completely normal life, you just have to be attentive to the foods that you include in your daily diet.

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Alimentos que pueden consumir los celiacos
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