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Health benefits of hugging

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Health benefits of hugging – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Physical contact is something important for everyone, or have you not enjoyed a hug from your father, mother, brother, friend, partner? In those moments when you felt the most down.

Although unconsciously, we all need to be hugged, this is not only said by us, professional psychologists affirm it.

Through a simple hug you can feel supported, loved, protected, and you cannot imagine the amount of benefits that giving and receiving hugs has for health, precisely on these benefits we will focus throughout this post.

What happens to your body when you give or receive hugs?

In the skin are the Meissner corpuscles, which are in charge of receiving the touch signal, and then send it to the cerebral cortex, in addition, the mechanoreceptors that are located to a greater extent in the lips and hands, are in charge of receiving stimuli like pressure and temperature, which is once encoded by the brain, the body assimilates it as caresses, tickles, hugs.

In essence, scientific studies have determined that when hugs are given, the body reacts in the following way:

  • It secretes serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin, these will help reduce the production of hormones that produce stress such as cortisol, generating a feeling of tranquility in your body.

  • It releases serotonin and dopamine, which have incredible calming effects.

  • The limbic system is activated, this is in charge of the regulation of hormones, which translates into the development of attachment, trust.

Health benefits of giving and receiving hugs

Many people refuse to give hugs, they consider it something that should only be done in privacy, but, the reality is that, if we gave more hugs, we would live in a happier, more relaxed society, we invite you to know the benefits of hugging and being hugged, we are sure that you will change your perception regarding these displays of affection.

Health benefits of hugging – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Help improve mood

The feeling of well-being that hugs generate is unquestionable, the most unspoken example that with just one hug you can change a person's mood, is the child who stops crying when his mother hugs him.

The physical contact that occurs allows you to put aside any worry or moment of anger, and transforms it into a smile.

With hugs, your body releases serotonin, a hormone that is responsible for controlling emotions and moods.

Increase your self-esteem, confidence

Through hugs, a person can convey confidence to you, that feeling of security that we all need at some point, not in vain when you are more nervous, someone's hug can generate the necessary security to face almost any situation.

When you need a good dose of confidence, increase your self-esteem, feel loved, do not hesitate to ask for a hug, or hug someone special to you, and you will see the change that it generates.

Hugging strengthens your immune system

The immune system is responsible for keeping you healthy, so imagine the benefits of a hug if it helps you strengthen such an important system, and do not think that we are exaggerating, again studies support this statement, this is because due to the various stimuli that are generated during a hug, the production of white blood cells increases.

Improving your defenses is as easy as starting to spread hugs to your loved ones.

Lowers blood pressure

Hugs generate important benefits for hypertensive people, because as we have already mentioned, hugs stimulate circulation, and eliminate tensions from the body.

Thanks to hugs, your body will release oxytocin, this hormone will help keep your blood pressure under control.

Prevents dementia

When you give hugs often during your childhood, youth and adulthood, you reduce the risks of suffering from conditions such as dementia, this because hugs transmit tranquility, this in turn affects the balance of the nervous system.

Help rejuvenate you

With hugs, your tissues increase oxygenation, the result is that the life of your cells will also increase, which will help prevent premature aging problems.

How do hugs affect people's development?

In addition to the benefits that we have already listed, hugs also influence the development of people, we will tell you how:

1. In children, physical contact through hugs increases the feeling of well-being. Besides that feeling loved stimulates their cognition.

2. Regarding adults, hugs strengthen relationships, in fact studies show that couples failures are due to the fact that they do not show their affection through caresses or hugs.

In short, hug more, this will make you feel more calm, safe, protected, confident, if you want to live better, strengthen the relationship with those you love, hug more, practice hug therapy with those around you and everyone will benefit.

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