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How to clean the navel? It is a question that many people should ask themselves, since this is usually a part of our body that we forget to wash.

In most cases people overlook the navel, that is, when they take a shower they don't bother to clean it. However, this can have consequences such as infections.

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We must bear in mind that the navel is an area where it usually accumulates moisture and dirt. Basically, it makes this a perfect environment for bacteria to live and reproduce.

Although as we mentioned this part of the body is usually forgotten in terms of hygiene, there are natural ways to clean it. That is why we show you hereHow to clean the navel naturally?

Tea tree oil

The tea tree has capacity antifungal, so it works very well to treat infections and fungi, something that can be developed by not cleaning our navel.

Tea Tree Oil Application.

The best way to clean the navel with a tea tree is to use a stick moistened with tea tree oil.

Wash the navel to disinfect, and clean the area.

It is important not to use much tea tree oil, because it can irritate this area.

Rosemary alcohol

If you wonder how to clean the navel? Rosemary alcohol is a good option, especially if you suffer from a bad smell in that area. This is due to their aromatic properties, which eliminate the bad smell of the area.

On the other hand, we must point out that rosemary alcohol does not cause damage to the skin, so it is a great help when it comes to properly cleaning the navel.

Rosemary alcohol application.

Wash the navel with soap and dry it well.

Use a stick with rosemary alcohol to clean the area.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a resource used not only to clean the navel, but for many more cases, due to its many properties. One of the properties that coconut oil has is reduce bacteria.

This is important if we have not cleaned our navel, as they can proliferate in it. On the other hand, this natural product helps keep our skin hydrated.

Coconut oil application.

First we must sanitize the navel with any of the remedies given above.

Then apply a small amount of coconut oil in the navel area.

Tips to clean the navel

If the remedies given did not convince you, and you still wonder how to clean the navel? We will give you another method to maintain hygiene in that area of ​​our body. In this case we will use soap, a swab and some alcohol.

While showering, wash the navel with soap and water.

When we finish we must take a swab and dip it with alcohol.

Rub the swab in the navel, to clean it.

When we finish we must dry the area to avoid fungi.

Repeat the same procedure with the swab once a week.

Not cleaning our belly button is something that often happens, but this brings problems such as bad smell and generates pus, due to infections that are generated in the area.

Omphalitis is an infection that can occur due to not cleaning our belly button, the same cause redness and hardening of the skin. In this sense, it is very important to keep this area of ​​the body clean.

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