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Home remedies to combat a dry cough

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Home remedies to combat a dry cough – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

If you've had trouble relieving a dry cough, and you don't want to keep taking medications that can cause side effects. You have nothing to worry about, because there are several natural remedies for dry coughs.

Remedies that you can take without fear, of course, always controlling the excesses depending on the ingredients that compose it, we leave you the best alternatives so that you can start treating a dry cough.

What are the causes of a dry cough?

Before you know the details about the remedies that you can use to combat dry cough naturally, you need to handle a little more information about this condition, such as what causes it. Among the most common causes of dry cough, we can mention:

  • Common cold.

  • Respiratory infections.

  • Bronchitis.

  • Irritation of the respiratory tract.

  • Laryngitis.

  • Asthma.

Homemade syrups to combat a dry cough

Persistent cough must be treated in time, because in addition to being annoying, it does not allow you to face your daily routine, we leave you a top 5 of the best home remedies to treat a dry cough.

1. Honey

This is one of the most common home remedies against coughs, and it can be used safely both in children over 1 year of age, and in adults. The reason honey is effective in treating a dry cough is that it has antibacterial properties, plus it helps treat throat irritation from continual coughing.

You can take tablespoons of honey about three times a day, or add it to the tea of your choice, you can even take a little warm water with honey.

2. Ginger

Something that makes ginger an effective natural remedy is the fact that it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, likewise, it allows the stimulation or strengthening of the immune system, the best way you can take it to relieve pain and discomfort that coughing can cause is like a tea.

Cut and peel a piece of ginger and add it to a cup of boiling water, if you add a tablespoon of honey you can get better results.

Chewing the raw root also has good effects to control dry cough attacks.

3. Water vapor

Although this remedy is most effective for treating a cough with phlegm, we also consider it important that you keep it in mind, because at some point in your life, you may have this type of cough.

Taking a hot shower and letting your bathroom fill with steam can alleviate symptoms.

Stay a few minutes in the bathroom, and when you get out of the shower, drink a glass of water, which is not cold, so you do not have dehydration problems. Another way to get the benefits of steam for a dry cough is to:

  • Place hot water in a large pot.

  • You can add essential oils or some herb, for example, eucalyptus.

  • Cover your head with a towel and lean over the bowl.

  • Inhale the fumes from the hot water for about 5 minutes.

4. Mint

As you probably already know, mint has an important menthol content, this is effective when it comes to numbing the nerve endings that are in the throat and that when you have a continuous cough, they can become irritated.

With peppermint, you will not only reduce the frequency with which you cough, but you will also be able to relieve pain.

5. Dark chocolate

Yes, you read that correctly, dark chocolate can help you control a dry cough, this is because it has a high theobromine content, by eating about 56 grams of dark chocolate, something that you will surely enjoy, you can improve cough symptoms dry.

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