How can I lose weight quickly?

Alejandro Figuera
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We are in the year 2019, now more than ever, the health sciences are progressing meteorically. That is why, there is less chance of losing the time you have wanted to devote to your body, with magical diets or supplements expensive and not at all functional.

The trick is that there is no trick, yes, you can choose the fastest way that is a bariatric surgery, but it is more than obvious that the cost and results of this method for lose weight quickly, they will not be the same as burning more calories than you earn.

That is, opting for this last form, everything falls on the strength of will and effort that we are going to attribute, in order to achieve this goal in the shortest possible time.

And how do I burn more calories than I earn?

The indications are easy to follow, the cost can be practically nil, but the execution is where you have to put more emphasis.

The first thing you should know is that most of the effort you must do is mental. We must reacostumbrar our mind to healthy habits that may seem silly at first, but in reality are fundamental to achieve your goal.

Do not pinch the food out of anxiety, is one of the habits that your mind should get used to, when we have a high weight or low self-esteem, there is usually a so-called anxiety, which makes us eat by pieces of whatever we have in the fridge every 15 minutes, causing us to have to read articles like this to reverse the consequences.

Concentrate on short-term objectives. It can be very hard at first, make a radical change, but necessary, to achieve your goal of losing weight quickly. The demotivation can invade you to think about the long time that you think the results you expect will be reflected. A lot of effort? Too much time?

So, get mentalized with goals per week, you will have an achievement every 7 days, you will continue motivated and before you know it, you will have fulfilled your goal.

Do not eat less, eat better. The misconception that eating less is equivalent to a healthy way to lose weight is still present in some people. Of course, they are wrong. It is best to eliminate junk food, but compensate with more fruits and vegetables.

How can I lose weight quickly? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
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Here carbohydrates also have a lot to do, if you want to meet your goal in the shortest possible time, at least for a week, eliminate foods such as pasta, bread and rice from your daily menu.

In addition, as obvious as it may be, it is worth clarifying that sweets will not help you at all, try replacing that daily chocolate bar with an apple and you will begin to see results quickly.

Water is your best friend. If water is your best friend, knowing who is your worst enemy is easy, but if you really do not know it yet, I advise you to expel from your life any carbonated drink (soft drinks), energetic or isotonic.

With these habits alone, will I lose weight quickly?

The answer is no. You need more than good habits to lose weight quickly, but do not worry. What complements these habits and will make you finish your goal quickly, is something you have learned to do since very little.

Walk at least one hour a day. If you are a person who has never done sport, you can start walking on routes that you normally go through some means of transport.

First we crawled, then we walked and finally we ran. It is a common phrase, which refers to the patience and good development of an activity, in this case. After gaining resistance when walking, we can start jogging to the beat of the heart beats, after 20 minutes you start to burn fat.

How can I lose weight quickly? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
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Cardiovascular exercises. They will be the best tool you will have to let your mind rest and leave the rest of the work to your body. Among the most recommended, besides walking and jogging, are cycling, swimming, skating, skiing, martial arts, among many others.

Following these tips, to apply both mentally and physically, I assure you that you will lose weight quickly, without unaffordable surgeries.