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It is true that many of us at some point in our lives are completely determined to start a diet to improve, be it our internal health or physical appearance (especially women), but, in the end, we almost always end up messing up any opportunity that comes our way.

The 10 most common mistakes that happen when you decide to enter your so famous "diet":

"I think that an excellent diet should generate a greater need to eat"

Diets work so that, with several meals that contain balanced foods, you feel totally and sufficiently satisfied during the day, so be very careful with that.

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Keep in mind that this change that you are about to make, you can baptize from now on as a new lifestyle, and it is because adapting to the healthy world will be one of the biggest challenges, but remember that, with perseverance and discipline you can achieve it.

"Carbohydrates get fatter"

Many people get rid of up to 100% of carbohydrates in their food plan, but when they decide to try a "whim" whatever the occasion, this will definitely bounce the weight.

Choose to consume considerably certain amounts of different carbohydrates to keep your energy and health in excellent condition.

"I will eat only fruits then"

why do we say this? It is because most people impose themselves really strict and even very extreme diets in many cases, where in the end the objectives are not really achieved because they deviate along the way in this great process.

If you want to reward yourself after the daily day of the day with some craving, fruits are what you are looking for and it is because these, whichever you choose, will provide you with many micronutrients, however, they are not enough for your body.

"Better not to have dinner to lose weight"

Not consuming a meal in the corresponding time will only generate a decrease in the digestive process of your metabolism and hunger will knock on your door. Do not take away any food, just keep in mind that the later, the fewer calories you should consume.

First of all, it is important that you do not start by calling it "diet", for the simple fact that for many, the word diet is something undoubtedly intimidating and is basically a "starving yourself" summarized in a single word.

"I will lose weight quickly if I eat a good diet"

Diets will not make you lose weight overnight, so you can start by taking that chip out of your head. Everything has its moment, while you are constant and follow your food plan to the letter, the results you are looking for can be noticed after a month.

"Being full is always the key"

The word diet is not based on simply "filling" the stomachs at all costs and with whatever, this covers much more. The idea of ​​all this is that you change your bad habits and learn to eat correctly.

"I will treat myself today and tomorrow I do not eat anything"

It is not bad to indulge a little with any food or dessert that is outside our diet, as long as it happens sporadically on special occasions and in a limited way.

"I'll do more physical activity so I can eat more"

Absolutely false. Not because you practice any sport means that you have the total freedom to eat whatever you want whenever you want. Remember that to lose weight, these two will be the best allies for your new lifestyle.

"The calories that the drinks bring can not count as a factor to get fat"

Drinks, but especially soda and canned ones, provide our bodies with an enormous amount of calories that are later noticed when those annoying rolls appear.

"Internet diets are the best"

Not all the diets that we get through the network are the ones that best suit our metabolism and it is because, each body is different and everyone handles it in different ways. It will be best to adapt it for you with the help of a nutritionist.

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