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How can reading help your health?

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How can reading help your health? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Benefits of reading for your mind

Reading transports you to a magical world, allows your imagination to run wild, when you read you immerse yourself in unparalleled adventures, while you develop a better vocabulary, stimulate your neurons, and learn new things.

In addition to the fact that reading allows you to travel without even having to set foot outside the home, it also offers another series of benefits for your health, we will be talking about these later.

What are the benefits of reading for sleep?

Reading helps you sleep better

Surely you loved that your parents read you a story before going to bed, because you managed to sleep better.

And yes, reading a little before bed will allow your body to relax, stimulate your brain and allow you to sleep better, so, let go of your Smartphone, whose light will reduce the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps you sleep better.

Reading helps reduce stress

How can reading help your health? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Reading helps reduce stress

When you immerse yourself in a book, you forget everything that surrounds you, because you are completely immersed in the history of it, there is no better distraction than reading, and by putting aside all worry and anguish, your stress levels are reduced will gradually reduce.

Stress reduction has a direct impact on your general health, because studies have shown that stress increases the chances of having a stroke by up to 60% and the risk of cardiovascular disease by at least 50%.

In a world where the pace of life is ever faster, choose a good book and let your imagination do the rest.

When you read, you improve concentration

Reading requires that you focus completely on the story, on the content of the book, when you do this you are working on your ability to concentrate, we know that day by day you are subjected to various stimuli, such an active environment can complicate your concentration, with the reading you will be able to focus, and then put this into practice when you do any activity.

Reading stimulates your brain

Reading is like a brain gym, remember that the brain is like a muscle, and you need to work on it to keep it in shape, with reading you get access to various ideas, you promote your creativity, you gain inspiration, all this has a positive impact on your brain.

And you also stimulate your memory, because you will have to remember parts of the story such as places, names and other information.

You acquire a broader vocabulary

How can reading help your health? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

A poor lexicon is synonymous with a lack of knowledge, and what better source of knowledge than reading, is that in books you can find everything, so you not only expand your knowledge, but also your vocabulary.

With this you can also improve your writing skills.

Reading stops cognitive decline

As you age, your cognitive abilities begin to decline, this thanks to the brain slowing down, you can forget things as simple as the place where you left the keys, or what you were going to look for in the fridge.

Studies support the importance of reading, since they have shown that they reduce the chances that older people have diseases such as Alzheimer's.

Improve your social skills

Finally, another benefit of reading for health is that people can expand their environment of friends, improve their social skills, the reason?

Readers are usually more empathetic, that is, they can put themselves in the place of the other, offer support when necessary, understand the moods of others.

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