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How many types of fasts are there and which is the most recommended?

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Fasting is something practiced by many people, because it is a healthy practice that benefits us, but what not many knows is that there are several types of fasts. Specifically, we can differentiate five types, which have different purposes, but are just as beneficial for us.

How many types of fasts are there and which is the most recommended?

What is fasting?

In simple terms, we define fasting as completely voluntary abstention from the consumption of solid and stimulating foods. In the latter case we refer to products such as caffeine, tobacco and alcohol. Said abstention lasts a certain time, in order to obtain the benefits that we want to achieve.

However, we must bear in mind that the different types of fasting can be carried out for very different reasons. In fact, we find that in some religions a fast is carried out from time to time, although this can also be done for moral reasons.

However, regardless of the reason, fasting has been shown to be healthy. But as we mentioned, not all are the same, so not all provide the same benefits. Besides, there is the fact that many people do not know how to apply it. So it can lead to people doing it wrong which would end up causing health problems.

Types of fasts

As we mentioned before, there are five different types of fasts that we can find and each one has different benefits. In more detail we can say that fasts can be;

Long fast

As its name indicates, this type of fast has a long duration, which can range from a week to several months. In these cases, all kinds of caloric foods are eliminated, and only liquids should be consumed, either natural water or infusions.

Among the types of fasts this is not so healthy, although a person weighing 70 kg can remain 98 without consuming food, it does not mean that he will remain healthy. In fact, as the days go by, symptoms of a serious state of health will be noticed.

To begin the person in the third week the body begins to use its reserves. Then, when the fats are gone, it will go to the muscles. But at the end of this, he will go for the organs that will begin to fail. At this point you will notice a great loss of weight and weakness.

Then, when the 30 days of fasting arrive, the malnutrition will begin to show very severe symptoms which in many cases are irreversible. In short, this type of fasting is not healthy at all, and it is only the doctor who should indicate it, and if it does, it has to be in extreme situations. Besides, when it does, everything is carried out by professions.

Periodic fasting

Another of the types of fasts is the periodic, which is carried out every so often, for example a week or when it is considered necessary. In these cases we find that it is healthy for our body, since it allows us to detoxify the body, lift our spirits, strengthen the immune system and other advantages.

Apart from this, it has a great advantage, which is that it does not demand much, so it does not usually develop health problems.

Intermittent fasting

In this case we are talking about a type of fast, widely used as a way to detoxify the body and lose weight. It consists of consuming at certain times of the day, and fasting the rest, like the famous Ramada carried out by Muslims.

A type of intermittent fasting is carried out by eating for 12 hours of the day and fasting the other 12 hours. Although the most common is the 16/8 and the 20/4, it is important to mention that this type of fast is carried out as a detox or as a way to lose weight.

Juice fasting

Among the types of fasts is that of juice, which, as its name indicates, only consumes liquid and not solid food to obtain calories. In these cases, what we are trying to achieve is to incorporate the necessary nutrients for the body.

When it is carried out, it is done in order to cleanse the body and especially the digestive system. Although, it also works as a way to allow the body to focus on tissue repair.

Alternate day fast

The last of the types of fasts is that of alternate days, which, as its name indicates, is carried out alternating days. In general, in this fasting, a regime of 48/24 is maintained or what is the same two days of normal feeding, for one day of fasting.

It is important to note that according to various investigations, this fast can be beneficial for health, apart from helping us lose weight. However, as with other types of fasts, it is important to consult with a professional before carrying out it.