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How to lower high fever in adults

Irene de Espinoza
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How to lower high fever in adults – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Home remedies to reduce fever.

Being sick is something exhausting and even more so when the drugs do not act immediately. If you are here and you are wondering how to lower a high fever in adults, then we will give you the best recommendations.

Although the fever can occur due to minor discomfort in the body or the application of a new vaccine, it can also occur in more serious cases such as an infection, contagion of a virus, or other diseases.

What should you take into account to lower high fever in adults?

Whether it is the case if the fever occurs in children or adults, we have to be very careful when applying a treatment. The correct dose, the times in which the dose is being administered and the body temperature must be taken into account.

It is evaluated how often the temperature that it can have at that moment is increasing, it is necessary to be very thorough with every detail.

Tips to lower high fever in adults

These are tips that on many occasions it is difficult for us to carry out. When we are sick we live desperate to be able to get up and get out of the virus or infection, but sometimes we just have to let ourselves be taken care of in order to heal.

These are the safest tips to be able to carry out a complete process of care and attention, so the fever can disappear and we will return to our habits of life very soon.

1. Make sure you stay on break

So that you don't lose energy and your body doesn't get upset easily, it's better to spend the day in bed watching TV or taking a nap to recover faster.

It is advisable to rest in a cool and comfortable place to relax and avoid fatigue.

How to lower high fever in adults – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Rest is mandatory while you manage to pass the fever.

2. Try to be hydrating

Hydration is often required to replenish lost electrolytes by preventing dehydration that is a consequence of the high temperatures the body is experiencing.

It is recommended to drink liquid foods during the day such as the famous chicken broth, perfect for increasing the body's defenses, or the broth of your choice. In addition, serums, plenty of water and natural juices.

How to lower high fever in adults – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Coconut water helps you stay hydrated.

They are also recommended to drink natural juices frequently, eat ice cream or jellies to cool off.

3. Wearing comfortable clothing

It is also decisive when presenting a fever picture, it is advisable to wear light clothing due to the temperature changes to which we are exposed during or after the fever.

Another interesting fact at this point is the change of sheets, fever breaks down little by little and therefore the sheets of the sick person must be changed at night and in the morning. They shouldn't stay that way as the clothes also need to be constantly changed.

4. Take warm water baths with a touch of vinegar

When starting the increase in temperature, it is of great importance to keep in mind each fact of this alternative to lower the fever.

People tend to take baths with warm water, which can be counterproductive, generating chills that help increase the temperature again.

The bath should be taken with warm water and you can add a touch of vinegar, it should be for approximately 25 minutes, so that the temperature drops and the muscles can relax.

5. If the fever persists, go to the doctor

If fevers occur frequently even when you have administered the indicated medications at the scheduled times, it is time to call the doctor or go to the nearest health center.

How to lower high fever in adults – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
See your doctor if the fever persists.

It could be the case that you need laboratory tests to determine the true cause of the fever, remember that we must prevent worse consequences, and take care of our health.


Some teas that can help you lower a fever naturally

lettuce tea

The freshness of lettuce and its high content of vitamins and minerals provide great benefits to combat fever. To make this recipe you will only need 1 liter of water and 5 previously washed lettuce leaves.

First place the liter of water to boil when it is already boiling, turn off the heat and add the water in a jug, add the lettuce leaves and let stand.

You can sweeten it if you want with a little honey, and then drink it as fresh water when it provokes you during the day.

sage tea

It is also a great option, its preparation is very simple and effective to help lower and perspire fever. It is an infusion recommended for adults and children.

In this recipe, approximately 5 sage leaves are used in 2 cups of boiling water, let stand, add the juice of a lemon and honey to sweeten. It is recommended to drink a small cup 3 times a day.

Malojillo or lemongrass tea

One of the most powerful medicinal plants to lower fever. In the morning and at night, have a cup of lemongrass tea with honey and a touch of lemon.