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How to prevent headache or headache?

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How to prevent headache or headache? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Headache or better known as headache, is a pain of different intensity that can affect any part of the head with distinctions from each other.

The causes of headaches can be very varied, from simple stress to tension problems, this annoying symptom can be the cause, but there are ways to avoid it.

Practical tips to avoid or relieve headaches

Do exercise

It may sound respectful, but the key to good health is physical exercise, it is not about going to the gym every day, it is about keeping the body in constant activity.

Physical exercise releases endorphins, which happen to be natural pain relievers, which can efficiently prevent any because that may result in headache or headache.

Physical exercise cannot always be intense, do what is necessary so that you can release tension, cycling, walking and jogging are the most recommended for this.

But of course you can practice a recreational sport such as soccer or basketball to keep the body active and to be able to avoid headaches in a recreational way.

Rest well

The common headache is caused by high levels of stress in humans, this can be avoided by taking complete breaks at appropriate times of the day.

Scientific studies reveal that a 45-minute nap a day serves to lower blood pressure, relaxing both the body and the mind, thus avoiding any headache.

You may have a very busy day, but remember to take a little time for yourself and take a well-deserved rest, so that you can avoid any type of stress that can cause those annoying headaches.

Take a shower

Taking a 20-minute bath with hot water, relaxes muscle tension, improves blood pressure, considerably reducing the stress caused by daily routine.

This may be a perfect time for you, to reconnect with yourself, and fully relax, a hot water bath is the best way to prevent headaches.

How to prevent headache or headache? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Do breathing exercise

One way to prevent headaches is by increasing the amount of cerebral oxygenation, this can be achieved in a simple way by practicing intense breathing exercises.

Find a calm place, sit down and inhale deeply air, which you must hold for 3 seconds, and then release it little by little, you can repeat this procedure as many times as necessary.

Calmness is important when practicing breathing exercises to prevent headaches, consider certain places to do it privately.

Your room is the most private place you can have, it is excellent to take a few minutes a day to do these breathing exercises.

If you are in the office, you may not have as much privacy, you can choose to enter one of the bathroom cubicles for a moment in privacy.

In your car it is a good option there, being your property it is very unlikely that someone can interrupt you inside your car, the perfect place to do breathing exercises to prevent headaches.

Take care of your sight

A high percentage of headache problems are related to sight, forcing your eyes to see in dim places can trigger headaches.

So try to always use bright light when reading, well illuminate the places in your house that you frequently frequent, such as your room or your kitchen, to avoid straining your eyes too much.

Also remember:

  • Attend your ophthalmologist to verify whether you need glasses.

  • If you already wear glasses, keep the formula updated, otherwise you will be unconsciously straining your eyes constantly, risking headaches

  • Take rest intervals whenever you are in front of a screen for long periods of time.

Eat well

Food plays a fundamental role in headache problems, a diet with excess fat can cause blood pressure problems that in turn trigger headaches.

They follow a balanced diet, to maintain your cardiovascular health, and avoid headaches that can affect any day imminently.

Eat chocolate

Although chocolate in suitable doses may sound strange, it can bring many benefits to the human body, such as improving and increasing brain functions.

In addition, chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins that help the human body to relax, helping to prevent headaches, that is why it is highly recommended.

Avoid excesses

Avoid all kinds of excesses, alcohol, cigarettes or the like, they can directly affect your cardiovascular health in addition to the basic brain functions for the human body.

That is why avoiding excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarettes can guarantee days without any type of headache, considerably improving your quality of life.

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