Human Intestinal Parasites

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Having a parasite can be scary for anyone. However, it would surprise you with the frequency that parasites are responsible for health problems of a large percentage of the population, from their digestion, to the loss of sleep and skin problems.

Human Intestinal Parasites – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

There are many people who think that parasites only live in underdeveloped countries, this is not true. Parasites exist around the world without distinction of place. What happens is that in some places they are more controlled than in others.

Often, there are many patients who have tested negative in conventional tests to detect parasites. But these patients, when they have done the practical tests usually come out positive. For that same reason, there are many symptoms that indicate that you can have a parasite.

What is a parasite?

A parasite, it is a microorganism that lives and feeds inside an organism. When we talk about parasites, we are talking about small microorganisms, which feed on the person who owns it.

Many of the parasites can be: Worms, you had, worms, among others. Due to the difference between the sizes of the parasites, it can cause different types of damage.

Some of these parasites eat, but do not increase their size or weight. Others eat red blood cells and cause anemia in the person who carries it. The females lay eggs that can cause itching, stomach pain, and insomnia. Many times a parasite is causing many symptoms and discomforts that we can have.

Human Intestinal Parasites – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Main intestinal parasites transmitted by meat

We have already spoken a lot of things about intestinal parasites, and in this section we are going to see what they are the most common parasites around the world. Especially in underdeveloped countries, where the contamination of these pests has not yet been eradicated.

Among the most common we have:

Enterobius vermicularis

E. Vermicularis as a seat worm, is a round worm, the largest known. Where people are the only carriers, it is estimated what more than 200 million people have been infected with this parasite. More than 25% of children.

These parasites regularly live inside the large intestine, where the female worm lays around 16,000 eggs. These eggs are usually transported by fecal matter.

Giardia lamblia

G. Lamblia, is a parasite that has the shape of a pear, causes a number of intestinal infections. Is the infection that most humans get in all parts of the world. According to research, these parasites produce more than two million cases a year.

This infection has become so effective, because in addition to oral and fecal contamination, it can also be contracted with sexual and oral relationships. This has caused this infection to spread rapidly and to almost incalculable numbers.

This infection is easily spread by water, because Giardia resists all water levels. Giardia can survive even some levels of chlorine. The development of Giardia in the intestine is stimulated by carbohydrates and low oxygen tension.

Duodenale, or hookworm

The duodenale, or hookworm, this parasite is of provenance endemic to the United States. The infection of this parasite is the second most common in the world, identified for stool studies. This parasite produces eggs that are 60 to 70 centimeters. They are surrounded by a transparent membrane that contains 2 to 8 divisions.

Entamoeba histolytica

Amebiasis, is caused by E. histolytica, this is a parasite of a length of 10 to 60 centimeters, it moves through an extension similar to that of the fingers. This parasite it is spread through fecal and oral, mainly when a person lacks hygiene during the preparation of food, as well as anal and sexual relations.

Main sources of intestinal parasite transmission

Intestinal parasite infections can be caused by the following factors:

Human Intestinal Parasites – Wellness and Health – WebMediums


Unpurified water can get diseases like the amoeba. This is one of the main problems, storing water that we have not boiled or previously treated.

Raw meat

When we prepare raw meat from animals such as: pork Meat. Therefore, it is always recommended to wash and prepare food correctly before consuming them.

The vegetables

Through the vegetables, you can easily contract intestinal parasites, whether they are badly washed (without chlorine) what happens very often.