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Faced with symptoms of cold or fever and not knowing what to take, we recommend the excellent and fast Ibuprofen, although there are various antipyretics in children and adults, effective to relieve joint pain, inflammation and even lower temperatures very high.

Ibuprofen – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
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What is Ibuprofen?

Among the specialized medicine for this type of calamities, is Ibuprofen, which has the task of soothing headaches, grind, migraine, belly, fever and muscle.

Ibuprofen can be obtained in any medical establishment, as pharmacies or botiquerías and is shown in the amounts of 50mg, 100mg, 200mg, 600mg and 800mg. Each must be ingested according to the weight of the person, since it is a remedy with strong components (should not self-medicate).

If your discomfort is a simple headache, you can take a Ibuprofen pill, either 200mg or 600mg and if the discomfort persists, it is recommended to go to a doctor, remember that antipyretics only work as painkillers.

How to take ibuprofen?

Ibuprofen, it must be extremely delicate when giving it to a child, therefore at the time of presenting symptoms of high temperature, it is advised to take the last amount suggested by the pediatrician and to insist on fever, it is better to update your weight and thus have the proper dose.

However, for children over six months, Ibuprofen is usually used in drops and is given one to two drops depending on the weight of the baby, with a rest of six to eight hours.

For infants with more than 30kg, they can be told to take a 200mg pill, but if the child does not know how to take it, then they can ingest 40 drops of 50mg or 20 drops of 100mg.

Ibuprofen – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

In the case of adults, often in adults, they supply the amounts of 200mg, 600mg and up to 800mg, taking into account not to exceed 3,200mg per day, depending on avoiding consequences for having abused medicine, among these you can observe:

* Dizziness

* Appearance of spots on the skin

* Stomachache

* Nausea

* Loss of appetite

* Constipation

* Threw up

* Diarrhea

* Gases

* Headache

* Sound in the ears.

All tend to occur in the case of exceeding the intake of the drug, as the saying "Nothing in excess is good".

Likewise, ibuprofen should not be acquired by asthmatic people, allergic or in some of the cases suffer from Rhinitis, for it, there are other drugs such as: Brugesic, Advil, Ibufen, Buscopan, among others.

It is very important to remind them that every antidote deserves medical supervision, especially if it is to be used in minors from six months to two years of age.

In the natural and for those individuals who can not tolerate medicines, much less Ibuprofen, we have the natural option, a ginger tea will help you to fight fever discomfort, just by preparing it as a warm drink.

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