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Is physical exercise and food suitable for diabetics?

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Diabetes is a disease that affects many people and is characterized by high blood sugar levels. Many affected are not real aware of the problem they have as it is extremely important that blood glucose levels are neither low nor high in order to avoid complications.

Is physical exercise and food suitable for diabetics? – Wellness and Health

In this article we will give you 2 tips for you to use and thus take care of your health.

Physical exercise: People who suffer from this disease should know that it is not advisable to exercise many hours and at high intensity, since this will bring negative consequences such as hypoglycemia.

It is recommended that the individual perform some activity for 30 minutes and that it be added to the daily routine.

The intensity must be controlled, which is why among the best activities to improve the health of a diabetic, there are swimming, walking, dancing, cycling and everything that does not require great effort.

Food: The person suffering from diabetes must be very careful with the food they eat. You should avoid at all costs those products that have a large amount of sugar, such as cakes, ice cream and sweets. A recommended diet for a diabetic should include vegetables of all colors, chicken, fish, and dairy products such as yogurts.

In this way, the health of the affected person will be greatly improved and the state of the disease is controlled.

Diabetes is a disease that is treated but not cured, that is why it requires that the affected person be informed of all its aspects and characteristics.

In turn, it is essential that you take care of your daily diet since otherwise negative situations may be generated for the body. The visit to the doctor should be done to be able to observe how the disease evolves.