Do sugar-free sodas make you fat?

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Ask ourselves if sugar-free soft drinks make you fat? It is something very common, since today there are many more soda brands that are removing the sugar from its component. Because of this it is important to know if these drinks really make you fat.

Sugar-free soft drinks

In simple terms, when we talk about a sugar-free soft drink, we are referring to a drink from which the sugar is eliminated. As a substitute for this, non- caloric sweeteners (aspartame, saccharin, cyclamate, among others) are added.

In this case we are talking about a drink that has no calories. But even so, the added sweeteners favor the absorption of sugar in the intestine. At the same time, this product encourages insulin secretion in the same way that sugary soft drinks do.

The latter allows blood sugar levels to drop which increases the feeling of hunger.

The fact that sweetener is added to this product may end up affecting the intestinal flora. Which can lead to the bacteria in the body being modified, although it also produces dysbiosis and glucose intolerance.

Do sugar-free sodas make you fat?

Regarding the question about whether sugar-free soft drinks make you fat? We can say that this is a very controversial issue. We must bear in mind that various studies associate this drink with weight gain.

Besides, it is important to mention that the consumption of this drink is much higher when it comes to people with obesity. This happens without important, whether it is a soft drink without sugar or with it.

On the other hand, there is the fact that other studies indicate that these drinks, apart from weight gain, favor the appearance of various cardiovascular diseases.

However, nothing is clear about this study. If we take all the above into account we can say this drink can get fat, this is due to the following reasons;

Compensation effect

To begin with, we must bear in mind that this type of sugar-free drink may not make you fat. However, if they are related to unhealthy lifestyle habits.

When we talk about the compensation effect, we refer to the fact that people think that by consuming calorie-free beverages they can consume another caloric food. They do this as compensation for not consuming a sugary drink.

Produce addiction

If your wonder is sugar-free sodas make you fat? We must bear in mind that these drinks can get fat because of the additives they have.

As many of us should know, sweets, regardless of whether they have sugar or not, can be very addictive.

The effect of the additive is the same as that of a drug, that is, the impact of sweets on the brain causes this effect. Because of this, we feel the sensation of wanting to consume more and more sweet foods or drinks.

They give hunger

Unsweetened sodas are fattening, or can make you fat because they make you hungry. Because these foods increase the urge to eat, we end up consuming other foods.

It must be borne in mind that the consumption of sucralose can lead to an increase in the rise. This reaction of our body occurs when we consume sugar-free soft drinks.

If we take into account everything mentioned whether sugar-free soft drinks make you fat, we can say that to lose weight you must follow many other guidelines than just stop drinking soft drinks or any other drink with sugar.

Keep in mind that weight gain is quite complex, so soda alone cannot be blamed for this. There are many products, which can cause weight gain, so we must be very careful with which we consume.

Although if we wish we can follow the different types of diets to lose weight.

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