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Kiwi and its many beneficial properties

Grecia De Flores
4 min read

The kiwi owes its name to the national bird of New Zealand for its particular sound. This is a dull green fruit that grows in cold, humid climates.

It helps prevent a wide range of diseases and is especially an ally when it comes to fighting constipation, as it facilitates digestion.

How do you know when the kiwi is at its best?

It is important that we eat it just when it is ripe, otherwise its flavor will be very acidic.

To know how to identify when our kiwi is at its peak, we must press gently between our fingers. If it feels juicy, but not watery, it is at its perfect point.

If it is very hard, it has not yet finished the ripening process and if it becomes very soft it is past. It should be uniform, and your skin should be smooth and elastic, it should not be withered or wrinkled.

Kiwi and its many beneficial properties – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Kiwi is an excellent fruit for our daily diet

Who can eat kiwi?

We can all enjoy kiwi, its benefits and vitamins, it is delicious and nutritious. It is advised to people with immune diseases and those who have suffered from a fracture.

It is also ideal for pregnant women because it contains large amounts of vital folic acid, for the healthy development of the baby on the way.

It provides a wide variety of mineral salts such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus, which makes it an important tool to combat obesity and diabetes.

It is also low in calories, since 100 grams of kiwi provides more or less 63 calories, ideal for maintaining an adequate weight or for those who want to lose weight.

5 benefits of kiwi that you should know

According to the institute of science and technology of food and nutrition the benefits of kiwi are:

1. Helps fight constipation

It is a fruit high in healthy fiber, which generates an improvement in the digestive process and favors intestinal transit. Making it a great ally when it comes to preventing constipation.

The benefits of consuming kiwi on an empty stomach are precisely those of combating the constipation process, so it is recommended to consume it if you have these problems or want to prevent them.

2. It is rich in protein

These proteins help the digestion process and promote the integration of nutrients from other foods. It is an ideal tool to prevent gas, indigestion and gastritis.

You can consume kiwi together with dairy, other fruits and in jellies to make it more varied.

3. It has a large amount of vitamin C

This vitamin helps in obtaining iron. On average, 100 grams of kiwi will provide us with approximately 98 mg of vitamin C, that is, 80% of the vitamin C that our body needs to function properly.

Which makes it also rich in antioxidants, great for keeping the skin and body healthy and young.

Kiwi and its many beneficial properties – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
It is so versatile, that you can eat it in multiple ways

4. Strengthens the immune system

It helps to strengthen those defenses that prevent us from getting sick with bacteria from outside.

Its combination, rich in vitamin C and folic acid, increases the production of red and white blood cells and the antibodies that protect us against viral diseases.

5. Promotes circulation

Its high content of fatty acids and vitamin E result in fluidity in the blood. What contributes to the improvement of arterial circulation thus avoiding the formation of clots.

Because of this, kiwi is recommended to avoid thrombosis, strokes, heart attacks and angina pectoris. It also allows reducing bad cholesterol levels.

The kiwi in addition to being consumed can only be combined with other fruits to obtain a greater range of benefits. Or introduce it in healthy low-sugar smoothies as part of your breakfasts or snacks.

Do not hesitate to integrate the kiwi and with it its many benefits in your dishes, remember that if we keep the body well nourished, we keep it healthy.