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Breakfasts that will make you feel full of energy

Grecia De Flores
4 min read

As we will know, breakfast is a very important meal, because it is the first food we receive after a long period of fasting, and it will also provide us with the necessary nutrients and energy to start our day.

That is why we must give breakfast an essential place in our daily routine, a full breakfast gives us the energy and encouragement necessary to be able to make the most of those first hours.

It is an indispensable food and this is confirmed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, breakfast is in charge of starting the body, hence its importance.

Breakfasts that will make you feel full of energy – Wellness and Health
A balanced breakfast is the key

What should a balanced breakfast contain?


These are sources of glucose that the body transforms into energy, these foods keep us full of energy for much of the day and have few calories.

Dairy products

Dairy products are very important, you can consume regular cow's milk or, as an alternative, oat and soy milk, which contains fewer calories, is also beneficial.

In addition, almond milk consumed regularly is related according to studies with the decrease in the development of heart disease.


It is best to consume proteins that are low in fat and complement them with fresh smoothies or fruit, to provide the body with the nutrients it needs and maintain balance.

Breakfasts that will make you feel full of energy – Wellness and Health
Have a balanced breakfast

We present you 5 foods that will help you have a healthy and delicious breakfast:

1. Coffee

The great favorite for many, if we consume coffee in a moderate way, it can fill us with a lot of energy, and coffee with its aroma and flavor will awaken our senses early on.

Caffeine has the property of improving mood and increasing brain capacity, it reduces the feeling of tiredness and fatigue and according to a study carried out by the University of Chile it could reduce the risk of suffering from certain conditions.

2. Eggs

Eggs are a delicious food, traditional for breakfasts, it is very easy to get and very inexpensive, it contains a wide variety of vitamins, including A, E, D, K, B2, B5, B12.

It is versatile and easy to incorporate into our breakfasts, it is also easy to assimilate, since it has one of the best sources of natural proteins. Balances cholesterol levels and reduces extra calorie intake throughout the day.

3. Nuts

These have a large amount of protein, healthy fats, and fiber. They provide us with a good amount of calories and are satisfying, which avoids consuming less healthy products between meals.

According to a study by the University of Toronto, nuts contain vitamin E, magnesium and manganese, which reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. They are also an ideal companion for yogurt and milk.

4. Flax or linseed seeds

These are small seeds that have a great nutritional contribution, for our breakfasts, they contain omega 3 fatty acids that improve heart function, vitamin B1, magnesium and fiber.

Incorporating these seeds mixed with juice, yogurt or milk can help lower glucose and cholesterol.

5. Oats

Oatmeal is one of the most used and essential cereals to increase the energy value of our breakfasts, it can be combined with yogurt, milk, or juices.

It provides us with a large amount of nutrients such as fiber, iron and magnesium, it can also be consumed in cookies or in a cream-like preparation, one of its most important characteristics is that it produces a lot of satiety.

What happens when we don't have breakfast?

Skipping breakfast or not giving it the importance it deserves can have many negative consequences for our body:

We will feel without energy, and it is like that, when we do not have breakfast, the body has to take out the reserve energy, making it work harder to keep the body working.

People who do not eat breakfast are more likely to gain weight, some studies corroborate that adolescents who do eat breakfast have less fat mass than those who do not.

Without the energy that breakfast gives us, functions such as concentration and, in the case of children, school performance, are diminished.

  • Eating breakfast every day in a balanced way brings improvements in your health:

  • By not skipping breakfast, your body will tend to receive more vitamins and minerals.

  • Eating a healthy breakfast helps maintain good blood sugar levels.

If we consume energy breakfasts, we are less likely to consume fat and cholesterol during the day, since we will be satisfied and full of energy.

  • You will be more efficient at work.

  • Helps maintain the body at a healthy weight.

  • It will improve your performance and concentration.