Skincare: Benefits and application

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Skincare: Benefits and application – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
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The care of the skin, also called only by its denomination in English "Skincare", it has always been the most important thing before appointing makeup, if we look a healthy face we talked. It is the way to show and be healthy at all times, and not only with an application of a little blusher than when falling, overshadow the vitality of the face. Is to take care of our skin, hydrate both inside and outside, because the exterior counts, but it should also be internalized, as for example; drink enough water. That action on its own, already generates a widespread appearance of the complexion. Your application, before and after makeup? Actually, there is no exact occasion to do it, it is always a good time to apply some mask, cream, soap or oil on our face. Taking into account, that there are other parts of the body that are very likely to fall into the porosity and dry. But, always what is recommended is to make a routine of the watch out of the face and hydration of the skin, in the morning and at night, minutes before sleeping. These are fundamental moments for the hormones of the human being. For that reason, the dermis must be free from any factor considered harmful at that time (like makeup), to recover nutrients important. The outstanding benefits of skincare., not only goes to aesthetic Measures, but also in a break and a stress Remove, given that relax the muscles while hydrate and tonifies, depending on what product you are applying.

Skincare: Benefits and application – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
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Benefits of Skincare

Generates true rejuvenation, brightness vitality, Less dark circles, in the same way, the eyebro bag rises significantly, and everything is moisturized and most importantly: healthy. There is no exact and regulatory method to perform the skincare., each person has his habits and products of your preference. Emphasizing, that we are not all equal, and that there are several types of skin, and what works for a person does not assure that it will work to another. Feeling in some way changed, and brilliant brings a natural security that changes a lot of way to see and do things, you can say that a routine of skincare., It is therapeutic. And without ever have done this type of habit, you must have in mind that, it is best to try and nourish information. Get to know, know what kind of skin or complexion you have, it is the main thing you should know before looking for a form skincare.

Skincare: Benefits and application – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
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How to recognize what kind of skin do I have?

You skin you will always have such certain characteristics, to group it in a type of skin, that will help you treat it in the best possible way. Actually, it's not that difficult if you already know what to look for in your face.

There are only three types of skin: Dry, grease or mixed although, normally sensitive skin and porous skin are added as part of this classification, but lto dry, fat and mixed, they can suffer some kind of conditions, sensitivity or combination of different skin.

Then, they are elements or suffering that can be presented so much in dry skin, grease or mixed, it is not called a different type. And it is normal, there is nothing to worry about. Everything is to look in detail, if you notice that you skin it is sloped or opaque in some way, and that poros on the dermis they are so small that they do not notice, it's because your skin it is dry. This usually, it shows because this kind of dermis it brings out or makes notable the small lines of the face.

Instead, the oily skin is much easier to diagnose, since, its characteristics begin from excessive brightness in the T of the face or chin, until black spots, because the poros they are usually very open.

The mixed skin, as its name indicates it is a formation of the previous types, it may be that you skin in the area t sits somehow greasy, while the lower part of your face, can feel scaly. It is cataloged as the most difficult skin to treat.

Skincare: Benefits and application – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
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Application of Skincare

It is recommended to treat the skin, with cleaning at the beginning, to remove dirt, contamination or only sweat, to release the obstruction of the pores. Second, la hydration, is the moment where we try to return to the skin those nutrients they go with bad habits or simply over time. Third, protection, protect the face of uV rays, those who are causing premature aging or stains on the complexion.

All these care can be done, using products that come in the form of soaps, oils, creams, masks, etc. Normally Las masks for him skincare, they are used before starting with the cleaning and other phases of care.

They are used according to what you think you need in your skin, that is why it is very important to know what kind of complexion you have, since you can irritate it with a face mask or product that is not for you.