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Olive oil benefits

Sara Manaure
6 min read

Throughout culinary history and the world itself, olive oil has played a leading role. And it is that the benefits of olive oil have helped many people.

Who discovered these benefits were the Mediterranean when incorporating its use in food. This is because 30% of Mediterranean food is based on processable monosaturated fats for the body.

The benefits of olive oil are such that it is applied even now for the prevention of certain diseases.

That is why I present you below some benefits and properties of olive oil and why you should include it in your food.

Olive oil, know its benefits.

Olive oil properties


Among its properties are antibacterial ones. This is the reason why it helps prevent diseases caused by bacteria.

Scientifically it has been shown that 8 types of bacteria can be prevented. Including ones that do not react to antibiotics.

With only consuming 30 milliliters of olive oil a day, you would have a good defeca against these bacteria.

Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory

Another of the properties of olive oil is the production of polyphenols in the body. These are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that help the formation of brain tissue.

For this reason, people who consume olive oil develop their cognitive abilities better, which is why they tend to have a better memory.

This is because the body-healthy, saturated, cute fats help this process.


These properties help against osteoporosis and favor the regeneration of skin damage. This is put both by consumption and by external application.

What is olive oil for?

Helps prevent disease

Olive oil can well be used for the prevention of some type of cancer. So it can be said that it helps to live better and provides more time to live.

Contributes to proper intestinal function

In this sense, olive oil helps regulate acidity in the stomach and the entire digestive tract. In addition, it helps regulate the general pH of the body so that the absorption of calcium and magnesium is easier.

Helps with arthritis symptoms

With olive oil it is possible to reduce the risk of suffering from arthritis. If you already suffer from it, the consumption of extra virgin olive oil is ideal for reducing joint inflammation and controlling pain.

It favors the prevention of Type II Diabetes

Studies have revealed that people with high consumption of olive oil are able to reduce this disease by 40%.

A tablespoon of olive oil.

Prevents Alzheimer's

Due to its regenerative properties and cell tissue production. Olive oil is capable of removing the white plaques that appear on the cells that cause Alzheimer's.

Speeds up metabolism

This contributes to natural weight loss. This thanks to the constant consumption of healthy fats that keep the weight lost. Contrary to the effectiveness of low-fat diets that tend to have the famous rebound effect.

Activates the immune system

Thanks to its properties, the immune system is kept up to date. For this reason, the body acts efficiently against any disease or virus that may fall into the body.

Avoid heart disease

Olive oil creates a protective layer on blood vessels, prevents unexpected blood clotting, and reduces inflammation in these parts. Therefore, it is capable of preventing or treating some heart conditions.

Likewise, it reduces the presence of bad cholesterol in the body, another reason why it helps cardiovascular maintenance.

Types of olive oil for cooking

The types of olive oils depend on the type of process they are subjected to. That is why in this section of the article I want to talk to you about the types of olive oils and their uses.

Oils obtained from mechanical processes

These processes are as natural as lemon juice. No additives or other products are applied for its manufacture. Reels and oil mills are generally used. Among them are:

  • Lampante olive oil has a very high degree of acidity and both its smell and taste are usually unpleasant. These require a refining process.

  • Extra virgin olive oil, it only has an acidity of 0.8°. So it is one of the best when it comes to cooking.

  • Virgin olive oil, has up to 2° acidity and some carry a very strong smell, but it is tolerable and is the most commercial in the market.

Oils obtained from chemical processes

This type of oil is made with the remains of virgin olive oils and requires the use of solvents in the shells. This oil results in crude olive pomace oil, which must be refined, so it is not for sale to the public.

Refined olive oils

These are obtained either from crude olive pomace oil or from lampante. From these refinements a product is obtained that cannot be marketed.

However, in many cases it is usually mixed with other virgin oils to bring them to the market. Among these are:

  • Olive oil, which results from the mixture of refined olive oil and virgin olive.

  • Olive pomace oil, a combination of refined pomace and virgin olive oil.

How to use olive oil.

How to use olive oil?

Olive oil has many properties, but like everything in food there are aspects for the chemical processes to give the proper result.

To enjoy the benefits of olive oil you should consider:

  • If you are going to cook, you can either use virgin olive oil or olive oil.

  • If you decide to take a tablespoon as part of any treatment, the recommendation is extra virgin olive oil.

As it is a natural product, its effect will be seen over time. After 2 weeks, the experts indicate for this reason it is necessary that you be constant and disciplined with the treatment.

Another way is to simply cook with olive oil and little by little you would be consuming a little of this wonderful oil.

Regarding skin conditions, you can also apply them cutaneously and the effects are surprising. With two or three applications a day it can help improve your condition.

Consider then, during skin treatment, use sunscreen to avoid blemishes or other skin conditions.


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