Prevention of acrylamide consumption in food

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Acrylamide exists in food, many of which contain this substance. A clear example is French fries, this being the main source of acrylamide intake. But as we mentioned this is not the one fed with this component.

In fact, coffee, soft bread, cookies, canned black olives, prune juice, and among other foods contain it.
Prevention of acrylamide consumption in food – Wellness and Health
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If you want to know if there is acrylamide in the food we consume, you must observe its colors. If these are brown due to toasting, it is very likely that it has a concentration of this substance.

However, we must bear in mind that this substance is not only present in certain foods that we consume. You must bear in mind that it occurs in other products such as tobacco.

If we take this into account we can say that tobacco is potentially dangerous for smokers and for those who are not but breathe cigarette smoke.

If we take all this into account we can say that the means of exposure of this substance is very varied. Due to this, we must be careful with the food we consume and with other products with which we interact.

How to prevent the consumption of acrylamide in food?

The consumption of this substance is practically inevitable, so the main recommendation of the experts is that foods with high concentrations of it be consumed to a lesser extent.

To begin we must reduce and if possible avoid the intake of acrylamide in food. Something we can do is not eat fried and battered. If we have this in mind, the best cooking method is by baking, ironing, steaming and cooking.

On the other hand, we must be careful while baking the food, under no circumstances should we exceed 180-200 degrees of temperature. At the same time it is highly recommended that you avoid consuming burnt or heavily toasted foods.

Prevention of acrylamide consumption in food – Wellness and Health