10 foods that you should not eat at night

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To have a quiet night of sleep and rest all night, there are some foods that should be avoided before sleeping. First, do not consume foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins.

It is important to know that after each meal, our body produces glycogen, which is stored mainly in the cells and muscles of the liver.

10 foods that you should not eat at night – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Glycogen is a type of fuel that our body uses for its proper functioning in the next 8-12 hours.

When the glycogen reserve ends, our body looks for another fuel and ends up using our stock of fat, in case of emergency.

The problem is that if you eat too much at night (or if you eat too much), your body not to burn calories during sleep, you will have to store that "excess fuel" & quot; in the form of fat. In addition to the risk of sleeping badly due to poor digestion.

Foods that you should not eat at night

Next, find out what are the 10 foods that should be avoided at night:

#Do not eat Pizza

Everyone loves a pizza, especially at night, on weekends, in front of the TV, when you do not have time to cook.

But we must eat it at lunch because the dough is rich in fat and difficult to digest. In addition, the cheese is also greasy, which can make you gain a few extra kilos.

#Do not eat cold (salchica, bacon, etc.)

You should avoid eating cold at night. They are delicious and hard to resist, but they are rich in fat and can damage health. These foods, very salty, can cause cardiovascular problems, fluid retention and hypertension. So eat moderately.

10 foods that you should not eat at night – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

#Do not eat Rice and pasta

Those who are on a diet should eat vegetables at night. If you eat rice or macaroni at night, near bedtime, calories will be stored more easily in the body and the diet will have no effect.

Try eating pasta at lunchtime so that your body has time to burn calories.

#Do not eat ice cream

Ice cream is a very caloric food that promotes the storage of fat.

For those who like to eat an ice cream at night, after dinner, it is always better to choose an ice cream that does not contain milk, because they are lighter. You can also make your own ice cream at home!

#No eat Garlic and onion

Avoid eating raw garlic and onion before sleeping. Your stomach may swell and cause gas or pain in your belly. And it's not just that, garlic and onions can cause reflux and acidity.

10 foods that you should not eat at night – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

#Do not eat caffeine

We must avoid coffee, coca-cola and all the derivatives of caffeine, if we want to have a peaceful sleep. Caffeine is a stimulant and its effect can last many hours. That may be the reason why you do not fall asleep.

#Do not eat Fry

At night you have to eat something light, healthy and low in calories. Avoid french fries, nuggets and milanesas. It is always better to choose a chicken breast or a fish fillet on the grill.

#Do not eat red meat

Red meats are rich in proteins and fats and their digestion is very slow and difficult. Consuming them at night, your body will be busy all night to digest them and it will probably take you a long time to sleep.

#Do not eat Cereals

Eating cereal at night is not a great idea of ​​what it looks like. Cereals contain a lot of sugar and excess sugar at night can make you sleep late. But if you still want to take a risk, try to choose cereals that contain more fiber and less sugar.

#Do not eat Chocolate

Due to the nutrients it contains, chocolate is very caloric and provides a lot of energy. That's why it should be consumed in the morning and never near bedtime.

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