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Tips for learning to run

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Tips for learning to run – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Learning to run is not as simple as you think, you might say, but if it is just running and that's it, but you're wrong, the key is not only to do this activity, but to do it safely and that offers you benefits and not conditions.

If you are thinking of leaving behind that sedentary lifestyle, welcome, today we will give you more details on how to do it, and some tips that will be useful to you, you have already taken the first step, so congratulations, now find out so that you can be a good runner and get the most out of this sport.

5 keys to start running

You have already made the decision to start running, but, you must be clear that not all people are the same, perhaps for some it is simpler than for others, therefore, these keys that we will leave you will be very useful.

Choose the right shoes

Tips for learning to run – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

This is fundamental, something that many ignore when they start running, the importance of the tennis shoes they use, here it is not about colors, designs or fashion.

When you buy your running shoes, carry out a tread test, to choose those that guarantee the best cushioning, that adjust to your type of footprint, and offer you security while you carry out the sport.

Take your time

Yes, we know that the first day will be hard, your body will be adapting to the new routine, and it may even be painful, but the key is to start small, the first step in this process is to build the habit.

Running is an impact sport, and it will put stress on your body as it adapts.

So do not try to force yourself at the beginning, because the result can be an injury, or you will simply completely lose the desire to do it again. So get your groove on, and take your time.

For beginners, who have little experience in sports, the CACO method is ideal, that is, walking, running, what you should do is alternate periods when you run with periods when you walk.

Establish a training plan

Everything, when done with organization, generates better results, so we recommend that you establish your training plan, start by establishing which days you will go out for a run, and determine the duration or extension of your route.

Something important is, stick to the routine, do not skip it, or your body will never adapt to it.

The best thing is that you work according to the time, establish 15 or 20 minutes, according to your physical condition.

When you train based on time, your only concern will be to run the established time, so you will focus on posture, breathing and other aspects that we will be addressing from now on.

Once you have mastered the sport, you can start training based on kilometers.

Get well, pay attention to your body

It is necessary that you know when to stop, as we told you at the beginning, you must take your time so that the body adapts gradually, when you feel excessive pain in your knees, feet, or legs in general, stop.

But, it is necessary to differentiate between the common pain of a body that adapts to sport, and a strong pain that can be an indication of an overload of stress of the muscles.

So depending on the intensity of the pain, take a break, for new runners it is key to give the muscles a break to regain the necessary energy.

Take care of your posture

The posture of your body while you run also conditions the success of this sport, if you place your arms tense and keep your hands closed, you will be expending more energy, we advise you to relax your arms and bend your elbows at about 90°, as for your hands, keep them half open.

What to do before and after running?

With the 5 keys to learning to run that we have left you, you can start successfully in this sport, but, we know that you may still have some doubts, for example, what should you do before starting to run, or after doing it, we will tell you below more details about this:

Heats up

Tips for learning to run – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Warming up is very important before practicing any type of sport, with a good warm-up you will improve not only the start of the race, but the duration of it, it includes muscle stretching, and a short walk before running.

Eat properly

Before any exercise routine, a breakfast rich in carbohydrates is of great help, whole wheat bread, whole grains, two pieces of fruit, a lactic acid derived from soy, turkey, tuna, any of these will work.

After running, you should also take care of what you eat, experts recommend the so-called repair snacks, which should be a fast assimilating carbohydrate, to regain energy, cookies, juices, even a donut.

Hydrate yourself

This is important before, during and after running, hydration is essential for our body, if when you are not doing exercises it is necessary to hydrate, imagine now that you are a runner.

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