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Tips for relieving period pain

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Tips for relieving period pain – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Menstrual pain is a condition that only very few women have the happiness of escaping, and although all of them are clear that it is something natural, the cramps that are experienced during this cycle make it a true nightmare.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to prevent menstruation from being so painful.

Colic during menstruation varies in intensity from one woman to another, no matter how strong or mild they are, with the advice that we will be leaving you, you can alleviate them. But, first we want you to handle a little more information about menstrual cramps, just keep reading.

Facts you should know about menstrual cramps

The main cause of menstrual cramps is excess prostaglandins, this is nothing more than the compound that the uterus tissue releases, before menstruation, when it prepares to begin to shed.

And although the shedding of this tissue is part of the menstrual cycle process, only when it occurs in excess, it is accompanied by pain.

Menstruation triggers a series of both physical and emotional symptoms, the former include; headache, sore breasts, bloating, increased appetite, pimples on the face, and the dreaded menstrual cramps, just to name a few.

In the case of the emotional symptoms of menstruation we can highlight; abrupt changes in mood, depression, decreased concentration, trouble sleeping, decreased desire to socialize, changes in sexual desire.

When menstrual pain persists despite taking painkillers and another series of home remedies, then it is time for you to visit a specialist, you need to rule out that something is not going well in your uterus.

7 tips to relieve menstrual cramps

As we have told you, there are many things you can do to prevent menstrual pain, these 6 tips that we will be explaining to you are the most effective way to deal with such annoying colic.


Yes, even if you are not in the mood for this, studies show that women who exercise and stretch more have a greater flow of blood to the abdomen, which allows a reduction in menstrual pain.

Yoga can become your best ally to achieve these, after all, with the various postures of this practice, you increase the flexibility of your body.

Tips for relieving period pain – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Watch what you eat

Good nutrition is the best way to guarantee your health and well-being in general, the days before your menstrual cycle, you can reduce the intake of certain foods that can have inflammatory effects, for example, dairy products, gluten and sugars, in their place takes much more water than conventional.

Drink hot drinks

Hot infusions can comfort you at any time, so we recommend that you make them your best ally during menstruation, experts recommend reducing the intake of cold drinks, increasing that of hot ones.

No matter what it is, from chamomile tea to turmeric tea that helps reduce inflammation, just drink more hot beverages during your menstrual cycle.

Use pain relievers

Anti-inflammatories and analgesics are the first alternative for those who want to relieve menstrual pain, they reduce the intensity of the pain, and will give you a little relief, just avoid the abuse of these without medical supervision.

The massages

They are also perfect to relieve these pains, apply circular massages, the most recommended area to do this is in the lower abdomen, or more specifically around this area.

Just apply the cream of your choice and spend time for yourself, massaging to relieve discomfort.

Apply heat to the abdomen

Hot water compresses reduce inflammation and with this the intensity of pain, if you do not have compresses, wet cloths and even a hot water bottle can be enough.

Take supplements

But specifically during menstruation, when you consume supplements of Vitamin B1, E or magnesium supplements, they help to reduce the swelling during menstruation and of course the pain that accompanies it.

Some studies show that even having sex helps reduce the intensity of pain, since endorphins are released during orgasm and these hormones help relieve colic, while causing a feeling of well-being.

Just remember that when the pain is persistent, you need to consider having a specialist do a full evaluation.

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