What is Diuresis?

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Diuresis, occurs when the organism it expels the liquids resulting from the process of the kidneys. This is extremely important because the kidneys have the function of purifying and maintaining the blood leaving it balanced in the components that make it up.

Approximately the kidneys are responsible for processing between 185-190 Lt of blood and manages to eliminate about two 2 Lt of waste. These become urine, which makes its way to the bladder to eventually be expelled from our body because otherwise, these impurities would accumulate in the blood causing much damage to our body.

Definition of Diuresis

What is Diuresis? As previously stated, diuresis is a process of elimination. This is possible by the antidiuretic and aldosterone hormones.

Of course, this elimination is divided between certain considerations, which in principle take into account the amount of fluid that is taken, and what the body needs for sweating or excreting feces.

On the other hand, there are many reasons why the body does not eliminate enough daily fluids, among these reasons are:

• Anuria, which occurs when the urine emission is partial, becoming null.

• Oliguria, which is a lower than normal emission per day.

• And polyuria, this is the opposite of the above and that is when the body expels more than it should per day.

Normal diuresis

It is normal for people to expel a quantity of urine per day that includes between 1.5 Lt and 2 Lt. Of course always taking into account that these values ​​are accompanied by a 2 Lt intake of liquids.

Osmotic diuresis

The Osmotic diuresis, resides in the particular increase of liquid at the time of going to urinate. And this is due only to a substance filtered by the kidneys that eventually ends up joining the urine increasing the amount.

This particularity is usually accompanied by certain diseases such as diabetes or overload of nitrogen in the blood.

On the other hand, this increase is also possible due to the use of certain drugs such as mannitol, which is a medicine used to lower intracranial blood pressure, edema in the brain or intraocular pressure.

Diuresis bag

These bags have the function of accumulating urine. It will be anger internally attached to the catheter that will be in the bladder. And it is necessary for those people or very well are unable to urinate or have some serious incontinence.


1. This bag will stay with you all the time, and even then you can move with relative comfort, it is easy to hide since there is variety in shapes and sizes.

2. Always check to have it below the bladder.

3. Do not allow under any circumstances, at the time of emptying this bag, the same, touch any surface. Wash your hands before and after doing this.

4. With regard to cleaning the bag, you should use vinegar or alcohol in conjunction with water. In the proportions of 2: 3 respectively [two parts of vinegar or alcohol and three of water].

5. It is advisable to change the bag at least twice a month.