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How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages?

Lenin Boscaney
5 min read
How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages? – What is it – WebMediums
There are a few ways to reread deleted messages, but conditions apply.

If you have wondered how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages? Today we will teach you how to do it. WhatsApp has become the most frequent means of communication.

It is an instant messaging application via telephone which you can easily download through your mobile device, even through the computer you also have access.

Today, distance communication is predominant, many people have emigrated from their native countries and leave families there.

The only way to talk to them thousands of kilometers away is by phone, video calls and WhatsApp allows all this and more, so it is very useful to know how to recover deleted messages.

Download the latest version of WhatsApp

The first thing we should know about this application is that it is constantly being updated, including many benefits in its menu of options that make it easier for you when searching, chatting, sending information, and more.

So to be able to return your messages once deleted, you must have the version of WhatsApp that allows it, and for that you must be careful to update every time the application asks you to proceed with that option.

Now, in addition to having a version that allows it or in any case it can be accessible to perform certain "tricks" to recover messages, you must bear in mind that WhatsApp does not have this option. Let's remember that the user who sends the message has the possibility of deleting what he writes and the application lets you know this notification.

But this question keeps coming up , how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages? There are many ways to do it, but you have to be aware that there is a reason to delete the messages, so you must analyze very well if it is worth doing it.

Analyze and if you consider that it is correct according to your criteria, you can do the following.

Steps to take into account to recover deleted WhatsApp messages

To recover deleted WhatsApp messages, you can take into account these three options that certainly require prior knowledge of technology, but are very simple if you dedicate yourself to doing it.

1. Download an app that is responsible for saving notifications

Remember that deleted messages come as a notification to both you and the person who deleted the message. There are many applications that are responsible for saving and reviewing notifications of all kinds on your mobile device. This way you can then view the deleted messages through these apps.

However, as everything in this life has a consequence, either positive or negative, downloading this application brings benefits, but privacy is at risk. Yes, yours and that of those people who delete your messages. Keep in mind that privacy is a right and if you want to recover the messages, you must analyze well if you want to take that risk.

2. Through the notification history

Some mobile devices have the option to log notifications, you can get it through your phone's settings.

To do this, you must first know very well the equipment you use. There are two predominant operating systems, IOS or Android, each with its differences that make them special for each user.

The steps to be able to recover deleted WhatsApp messages through the application are these:

  • Press on the desktop of your phone and add a widget.

  • Locate the 'Settings' widget (remember that you may not have it available, so you must know your device very well).

  • Add the Settings widget to the desktop and choose the 'Notification Log' option. The name of this option is shown differently on each device, remember that the possibility may not appear.

  • Once the widget is installed, look for WhatsApp and go to the history of deleted messages, all of them will appear there and you can read them. You can search for them based on the date they were sent or deleted.

As you can see, there are two options that we propose here to recover deleted WhatsApp messages. We want, in addition to you knowing what was previously mentioned, to make you part of some special considerations:

  • If the person deletes the message and you were not inside the application, you will not be able to see it. The notification must reach you and the phone must register it as such for it to be saved.

  • The option to recover the messages is valid only for the text format, you cannot access the files if they are multimedia.

  • Phones that are Android system, in general, constantly renew their message history, so you must immediately enter the settings if you want to see the WhatsApp message history.

  • Keep in mind the issue of privacy that we mentioned in the first lines of our text.

  • Study and know your mobile device very well and in this way, know how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages.