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Everything you need to know about skin care

Maria de Piña
6 min read
Everything you need to know about skin care – Beauty – WebMediums
Skin care

Many times we worry about covering or hiding the imperfections of our body, and we do not give importance to skin care, when it should be the opposite, since under all the clothes and makeup our skin is the real essence of what are.

Advertising has sold us a false idea that having healthy skin requires high-value products and professional maintenance sessions, but the reality is that it turns out to be much easier and cheaper than we think.

Key tips for caring for your skin

More than a simple hydration routine, skin care is a matter of cultivating good habits, which range from the way we eat to our pace of life.

The double advantage of applying some tips from our daily routine is that they will positively influence much more than just your image, and if this interests you, take note of the most basic tips that everyone should handle to take care of their skin.

Be gentle with your skin

Everything you need to know about skin care – Beauty – WebMediums
Delicate with your skin

We must treat the surface of our body gently, since a simple action such as prolonging the shower for a long time causes us to lose the natural oil.

Like this, very hot water also causes us to dry out, leaving a dull and rough skin over time.

On the other hand, products such as soap should have our full attention, before and after using them, since not all of them have the components that our skin type needs.

Avoid drying off with the towel abruptly, the correct thing to do when drying is light touches.

In turn, when shaving, do not use worn blades, and apply some cream or lotion, always making cuts in the direction of where the hair grows.

A key point when treating your skin is to moisturize it daily, especially in the driest areas with a suitable product for you.

Take care of the sun

Everything you need to know about skin care – Beauty – WebMediums
Protect yourself from the sun

Avoid unnecessary exposures between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, since they are the time of the greatest intensity of UV rays, and if you are at the beach or the pool, apply a broad spectrum sunscreen that provides a degree of protection of at least 15.

It is not good to smoke

Everything you need to know about skin care – Beauty – WebMediums
Take care of your skin by not smoking

Some of the impairments that smoking produces to your skin are the loss of collagen and elastin, which are essential for its strength and flexibility.

Keep in mind that the process that your face applies when inhaling the smoke also contributes to the formation of wrinkles.

In general, the skin of smokers becomes aged, in turn this habit produces a slight reduction in blood flow, which also causes paleness, so the best recommendation for this and many other reasons is No Smoking.

Say no to stress

Everything you need to know about skin care – Beauty – WebMediums
Decrease stress when resting

Body and mind are a single machinery and when stress takes over you the results will never be favorable.

In many cases the acne breakout is caused by stress and at the same time our skin suffers from greater sensitivity when we are stressed.

For this reason, to take care of the skin and reduce stress, try to get enough sleep and not extend the daily days beyond the limits, take time to distract yourself and clear your mind so that your body assimilates a balance.

Daily skin care routine

In most cases, skin care routines are not limited only to the face, since in general aspects the same process should be applied to the entire body.

There are many forms of care, but these are the three essential steps to obtain a radiant and healthy skin.

Clean up

Everything you need to know about skin care – Beauty – WebMediums
Cleanses the skin

Start the day by removing any impurities from your body, apart from the general shower you can apply a cleanser to your face that helps you remove the dirt that is hidden in the pores.

Remember to work more deeply in cleaning your most exposed areas.

As in the morning, repeat this process at the end of the day, to remove all that layer of dirt, and sleep with fresh and clean skin.


Everything you need to know about skin care – Beauty – WebMediums

Apply a moisturizing massage with a product that is appropriate for your skin type, which you have chosen taking into account your PH and the level of sun protection provided by the product. Even if your skin is oily and with minimal dryness, you should still hydrate it with creams that adapt to you.

Hydration is vital in your nighttime routine, as this helps the epidermis to regenerate and produce the proper bait levels.

Include sunscreen in your routine

Everything you need to know about skin care – Beauty – WebMediums

Sunscreen is not only for hotter days, it is best to apply it frequently, you can combine this step with hydration by looking for products with broad spectrum protection that include sunscreen.

These are the three basic rules of a routine, you can further expand its application, including exfoliation and other treatments with masks and serum, but you have to take into account knowing your skin type well to know what we really need.

Skin care products

There is an infinite range of brands and products, which lead us to compare prices and quality, however, in general the basic elements for daily care are the following.

Micellar water

Everything you need to know about skin care – Beauty – WebMediums
Micellar water application

Water is the main product for skin care, however, if we talk directly about the face, there are several brand presentations that add additives that favor cleaning, thus creating Micellar Water.

Despite this, we can also opt for milk, gel and exfoliating masks as an additional cleansing treatment for the face or body.

Quality moisturizer

Everything you need to know about skin care – Beauty – WebMediums
Moisturizing creams for skin care

In this case we require a cream that favors us according to the fat and PH of our body and this being one of the most important points in our routine, without a doubt we must choose one of certified quality.

For skins that do not generate much natural oil, the most nourishing creams are recommended, which have a complete effect providing greater hydration.

But if our skin is oily, the best will be one based on water and with a gel texture. Keep in mind that for all these creams with vitamin C and E are an excellent choice.

Facial serum

Everything you need to know about skin care – Beauty – WebMediums

To delay the passage of age we need Serum, the application of this product will be directly to combat wrinkles, and cause a deep repair of our skin, thanks to its active components of epiderfil with hyaluronic acid.

These are just some of the most prominent products in skin care, not forgetting sunscreen, a product as important as moisturizers.

Loving our skin is taking care of our happiness, the more time we dedicate to pampering our body from our youth, the passing of the years will thank us.