What Causes Vaginal Infections?

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Millions of women in the world eventually suffer from ivaginal infections, however, what perhaps many people still do not know is that some of these infections are caused by yeast.

It is important that to prevent this type of infection from taking over your intimate areas, maintain proper hygiene in the areas, in addition, try to have your vagina as angry and dry as possible.

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When this area is constantly wet and little near the proliferation of yeast infections becomes more evident. When we refer to a yeast infection, it's talking about a fungal infection, which is common and constant the appearance of this infection in women.

This type of infection is known also with the name of candidiasis, it is ageless and manifests itself with a little burning, itching and in some cases vaginal discharge increases.

Its symptoms are variable, in some cases they can be strong, moderate or mild. And it manifests itself with a strong irritation that is felt even more when women urinate or at the moment of intimacy.

It also presents pain in the area of ​​the vagina and in many cases strong rashes or rashes. Another warning sign is the thickness of the vaginal discharge, even though it has no odor and is denser and whitish.

Some habits or behaviors that start a vaginal yeast infection

By knowing the way it manifests itself, that is, the symptoms, it is important to avoid the attitudes or habits that allow these conditions to present themselves continuously. They refer to the possible causes that produce it.

The continuous use of douching

The douching sused to wash the intimate area in women, however, they are not recommended because they unbalance the vaginal flora in some way or another and this leads to the presence of fungal or yeast infections.

It is recommended to resort to cleaning with douching, only if the doctor or specialist indicates it as necessary treatment, otherwise, it is best to do it habitually or naturally. Remember that this area has a texture of soft and delicate care that must be attended to with as much subtlety as possible.

The use of a suitable type of clothing

It is considered to be one of the most important, because it occupies the first place to expand this type of infection. By continually using tight clothes and intimate clothes of uncomfortable fabrics, it does not allow this area to relax properly, because the circulation and air passage to the vaginal area is oppressed or impeded.

Generally the humidity occurs in the area and where it is accompanied by darkness, an adequate environment is established for the expansion of fungal or yeast infections.

One way to avoid it is by wearing loose clothing and intimate items of comfortable or comfortable materials such as cotton, silk, preferably cotton is the ideal to avoid this type of fungus.

If you have been subjected to situations that have caused excessive sweating, especially in this area it is time to try to change the clothes, especially if they have already spent more than eight hours with it on.


When we lead a life with situations that generate a great tension, it gives way to stress, in this case people become more vulnerable to contracting viruses, affections and infections. It is important to be aware of how we are living and even more if this type of problem is being presented

Swimming or swimming in public places

In general, swimming pools are places where fungi and bacteria abound, since many people leave part of impurities and dirt of their body in it, besides the chlorine and the toilet of the office are factors that also influence.

The intake of antibiotics

It seems a lie but antibiotics are infectious sources in this case yeast infection and it is caused because they kill everything that is to say they are effective to combat the infectious germs but also alter or unbalance the vaginal pH. If this is the case in particular, they should ingest probiotics in a way that counteracts their effect.